Mljet Holidays 2024/2025

Mljet holidays can be as active or relaxing as you please. Whether you want to cycle the length of the island or doze on the beach, it’s all possible. Mljet is one of the larger islands off the coast of Croatia, and its luscious greenery makes it easy to spot. Mljet is relatively unspoilt, and there’s a wealth of local produce to try. The island’s wines, olives and goat’s cheese is sublime, while the rich marine life means there’s always fresh seafood to eat. From lakes and ancient monasteries to the soothing coastline and wandering hiking paths, Mljet offers a unique experience for any holidays to Croatia.

Mljet Holiday Deals

Explore Mljet National Park

Holidays in Mljet tend to centre around the National Park. It covers the north-west of the island and is home to two saltwater lakes, both of which are around 4km wide. In the middle of the larger lake is a small island: Sveta Marija – a former Benedictine monastery from the 12th century, which has since been turned into a café. The parks have well-signposted hiking and cycling trails, which are covered by good amounts of shade. The water in the lakes is much warmer than that of the Adriatic Sea, so swimming is a popular activity in the park. Cars and vehicles aren’t allowed in the park, so however you choose to enjoy it, you are guaranteed some peace and quiet.

See the sights from a kayak

Mljet National Park looks beautiful from every angle, but you get an entirely different perspective from a kayak. The large saltwater lakes are calm and sheltered, making it safe for everyone from kayaking novices to experts. You can paddle around the coastline and see the sights at your own pace, while enjoying the thrill of being on top of the water. One popular route is kayaking to the Sveta Matika Islet, where you can explore the monastery. Wherever you choose to visit with your kayak, you’ll find empty, secluded spots to pull over and enjoy a swim or picnic.

Relax on Mljet’s beaches

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing beaches on Mljet. Not only are there pebble beaches scattered along the coastline, but there are also small coves around the two lakes. These bays are perfect for some secluded relaxation.

If you’re looking for somewhere with sand, you should head to Saplunara Beach. It’s in the south-east of Mljet and is surrounded by rich-smelling pine trees and vivid woodland. The beaches around here are very quiet, so you can visit for some undisturbed rest. Sutmiholjska Beach is a favourite with families, thanks to its soft pebbles and calm waters. Blaca Beach is just around the corner from Saplunara, and is just outside the National Park. It’s often empty so you can be at one with nature, and it’s a great site for snorkelling and swimming.

Go hiking on the island

With the National Park at your fingertips, it’s no surprise that Mljet holidays offer the opportunity for plenty of walking. You can go on short hikes across easy terrain, or step it up if you’re a seasoned hiker hoping for a long day of trekking.

One of the highlights of the island is the 43km hiking trail, which can be completed all at once (with camping stops en route), or broken up into shorter trails. This trail boasts impressive views over the island, as well as across to Peljesac and Lastovo. You can get maps and information from the Mljet Tourist Information Centre.

Explore on two wheels

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or like to peddle along at a leisurely pace, cycling on Mljet is getting more and more popular. The road that crosses the island is just over 40km long, and is perfect for road cyclists. It’s often best to avoid the midday sun, so start your cycling trip early.

Cycling in the National Park is a great way to traverse the trails. You can rent a bike for a few hours and cycle around the smooth tracks. As many of the cycle paths run alongside the lakes, you should take your swimming or snorkelling gear with you if you’d like to take a refreshing dip! There are many directions and signposts, so getting lost is borderline impossible.

Mljet is a peaceful holiday destination, with everything from outdoor activities to delicious food. Whether you want to indulge with local produce and soak up the sun on sandy beaches, or kayak around the lakes and cycle through the forest, the choice is yours. Ultimately, Mljet gives you the opportunity to retreat from the stresses of hectic modern life.


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