Kolocep Island Holidays 2024/2025

Widely considered as one of the most remarkable islands in the Elaphites, Kolocep has just 165 inhabitants and is a must-visit on any Croatia holiday. In turn, a visit to this Adriatic beauty is both picturesque and intimate, with no cars allowed but plenty of scenic walks that lead to some of the most stunning beaches in the area.

Kolocep Island Holiday Deals

A petite escape

Kolocep Island is an idyllic getaway location of less than 2.5 kilometres in the Adriatic Sea, just west of Dubrovnik. Located at either end of the island are two charming villages, sitting pretty on each of its shores. Dense woods and ancient ruins fill the land in-between, with not a car in sight so as to conserve the island’s natural beauty.

Join the island culture

Donje Celo is Kolocep Island’s main village and can be found on the northwest coast, nestled in a coved bay like a terracotta gem amid a forest of pines. Visitors to Donje Celo are able to explore rows of restaurants and shops, all locally owned and fully welcoming of tourists. The Assumption of Mary Church is a particularly popular attraction. Dating back to the 13th century, it still towers high over those who visit it.

Meanwhile, the southwest coast of Kolocep Island is taken up by the picture-perfect Gornje Celo, a village which claims to be even calmer and quieter than its north-westerly brother. There’s little more than a pretty harbour and a church to explore here, with the occasional cafe dotted in between where you can sit and get chatting to the locals. It’s a must-visit if you’re keen to experience a totally secluded retreat from the outside world.

Idyllic walks

Between the two villages you’ll find a network of winding trails, leading walkers through pine forests and out to medieval ruins and secret coves. The pre-Romanesque chapel of St Peter offers pretty land and is a must see if exploring the island by foot. What’s more, take a walk along the coast and you’re more than likely to stumble upon your own strip of beach that you can have all to yourself.

Relax on the beaches

Both villages, Gornje Celo and Donje Celo, benefit from their own beaches. Humble strips of sand and shingle are complimented by gently deepening waters. There’s also plenty of shade to be found here, making them perfect for families with young children. Kayaking and sailing are the favourites on the Kolocep beaches, with plenty of opportunities to hire your equipment and explore the island by sea.

You’re not going to find beach bars pumping loud music until the early hours on these beaches, but you will be able to sit at a table until late with a view out to sea and a glass or two of Posip, the favourite local wine. Leisurely lunches and atmospheric dinners are Kolocep’s specialities, and there’s nothing quite like sitting up in the shade of a bar sipping a Croatian beer while the little ones splash around in the warm water.

The pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik is just a 25-minute boat journey from Kolocep Island and is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, let alone Croatia. As you pull into the harbour, Medieval walls welcome you in to the rows and rows of terracotta roofs, ancient palaces and beautiful monasteries.

Shopping in Dubrovnik is top notch, so if you want to keep close to Kolocep Island but need a few more options for those all important souvenirs, you’ll find them here. From market stalls selling fresh fruit and veg to quiet boutiques filled with hand-crafted jewellery and bottles of local spirits, Dubrovnik has rows of shelves that are just beckoning for you to have a browse.

As evening closes in, the Old Town calls and the revellers head there to drink at the stylish bars and venues. Here you can enjoy live jazz, nightclubs and local cocktails. If you’re looking for a proper night out then this is the place to be, and with regular crossings to Kolocep Island each day, you’ll be back in time to recover on your favourite secluded beach.

Kolocep Island is the ideal destination for couples and families looking for a secluded, intimate break away from reality. Check out our great range of All Inclusive holidays in Croatia to find the perfect package for you.


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