Morenia All Inclusive Resort

At the Morenia All Inclusive Resort, there’s a bumper list of activities and three outdoor pools.

Adults get an infinity pool to swim in and also have the chance to go on cycling trips through the surrounding hills. Meanwhile, toddlers can enjoy the kids’ club and teens can head to their own hangout that’s packed with games consoles. There’s even a floating aqua park just off the shore outside the hotel.

Main meals are covered by the buffet restaurant. All members of the family can reconvene on the al fresco terrace to chat and relax.

Overview of Podaca

If you’re looking for a holiday to the Dalmatian coast and its islands, a trip to the Morenia All Inclusive Resort in Podaca is perfect.

The scenic settlement of Podaca sits right on the coast between Dubrovnik and Split, but it feels a million miles away.

Life is lived outdoors here, and from the second you arrive, you’ll fall in love with an outdoor landscape that includes pine-fringed beaches and the craggy Mount Biokovo. A place to relax and be at one with nature, on a trip to Podaca you’ll experience a picture-perfect slice of heaven.

Things to do in Podaca

In Podaca, terracotta-topped houses, beautiful local restaurants and shingle beaches are surrounded by palm trees.

One of the true joys of a stay at the Morenia All Inclusive Resort is that everything is within walking distance. Out in front of the hotel, the ocean stretches out on either side, while Mount Biokovo dominates the skyline at the rear.

Holidays to Podaca are all about relaxing beach days, but you’ll also have plenty of chance to explore. Trails wind all the way up the mountain, and if you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic spot than Podaca. After you’ve spent your Croatian holiday here, you’ll leave with a lovely tan, hundreds of photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

Resort Summary

It would be hard to imagine a more idyllic spot than Podaca. Picture a small village of terracotta-topped houses, with a couple of local restaurants. It’s clustered around two shingle beaches and fringed with aromatic pine trees.

The ocean stretches out on either side, while behind the village looms the rugged silhouette of Mount Biokova. You’ll be reaching for your camera again and again, as you capture the wonderful views.