A guide to the best restaurants in Makarska Riviera

With so many restaurant choices in Makarska Riviera, it can be difficult to decide where to go. It doesn’t help that each restaurant has something unique to offer, from locally-sourced ingredients to sea views, fresh fish to panoramic sweeps from the top of a hill. We love a good challenge, though, and have assembled a starter list of restaurants to try.

Unusual combinations at Don Antonio

Every portion of your meal at Don Antonio fits together like a piece of a puzzle, chopped and quartered and oftentimes very precise. That’s part of this gourmet restaurant’s allure. The flavours fit together nicely too, with dishes like tuna steak with strawberry jam, fried cheese and honey and homemade ravioli.

Glowing freshness at Hrpina

The dishes at Hrpina are so fresh, they almost radiate from your plate. The greens are especially green, clad with olives, mozzarella cheese and plump tomatoes. Seafood here is particularly top notch, and served in creative dishes like pizza with whole prawns on top, salmon gnocchi and seafood pasta.

Everything but the kitchen sink at Street Food La Strada

If this quirky restaurant serves street food, it’s the most gourmet street food we’ve ever seen. Tucked amid classic burgers and chips, you’ll find racks of ribs, seafood pasta and starters of mozzarella wrapped in bacon. The eclectic menu ensures you’ll try something different every time you stop by.

Coastal comforts at Il Golfo

With tables stacked right up alongside the coast, the sea views don’t get much better than this in terms of proximity. Il Golfo has a selection of every holidaymakers’ comfort food favourites like calamari and chips, pizza stacked with meat and mussels and lush wedges of chocolate cake.

Artful cuisine at Arta Larga by GASTRO DIVA

You were warned in the name – this restaurant boasts artistic dishes, many of which are served on slate. Made with locally-sourced ingredients, the menu features Amberjack fish steak, bruschetta with pears and gorgonzola and a number of vegan dishes. The restaurant is located along one of the busiest streets in Makarska and offers outdoor seating that’s primed for people watching.

Steak, steak and more steak at Bounty Steakhouse & Restaurant

As you might expect, steak takes the cake at this restaurant, so to speak. Here, you’ll be treated not only to harbour views but juicy ribeye steaks, grilled lamb and a wide variety of hamburgers, along with a few leafy options like a feta salad.

Garden vibes at Ankora

Ankora goes for the charm factor with a quaint, beach-facing terrace framed by light curtains. The food matches the ambiance, in that it’s pretty tantalising. On the menu is a little bit of everything, including lasagne, pasta, pizzas and grilled fish, so you’re bound to find something to suit.

Veggie-friendly plates at Spina Bar

Spina Bar is known for its wide selection of vegan and vegetarian plates, but carnivores need not be afraid. The food here is on the light side, with fresh salads and cheese plates, alongside sandwiches and burgers plus a nice long list of cocktails.

Hilltop views at Grill Panorama

It’s all in the name at this hilltop restaurant. Grill Panorama offers just that – incredible panoramic views all the way out to sea. There’s a spacious patio to help you take advantage of the view, complemented by plates of prawns, mussels and tuna steak. And because it’s a little bit of a trek, the restaurant will often offer shuttle service to and from your hotel.

Rotating selections at Konoba Kalalarga

Konoba Kalalarga is local Croatian food at its finest. There’s no menu here, as the chefs only serve what looks best at the market that day, so every meal here is a lottery for your senses. At any rate, you can expect heaps of fresh fish, meats and salads that might take a little longer to get to your table, but will be well worth the wait.