Articles about Croatia

Planning a trip to Croatia? Browse our articles for information about this beautiful Adriatic country, including guides to the best local delicacies and Croatia’s customs. Our informative articles feature all you need to know for your trip, from how to spend a weekend in Split to a guide to visiting the breathtaking UNESCO sites of Croatia.

Croatia's most scenic islands explored

The long Adriatic coastline of Croatia is a floating jigsaw puzzle of mainland and islands, in varying sizes and degrees of calm. It’s probably not until you reach your holiday destination that you’ll be aware of the beauty and number of Croatia’s islands.

A guide to Dubrovnik

The atmospheric seaside city of Dubrovnik offers the combined charms of amazing architecture and stunning beaches. As a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site there’s plenty of history to discover which sits side-by-side with a bustling modern tourist hub. There are shops to browse, restaurants and cafes to linger in and lively bars for fun holiday nights.

Family guide to Croatia

With its vast Adriatic coastline, collection of islands and remnants of ancient civilisations all shrouded in lush greenery, Croatia is great fun to explore with the family and utterly picturesque. There are two areas that are particularly popular with families, namely the Makarska Riviera between Dubrovnik and Split, and Istria in northern Croatia.

As well as letting you know all about these areas and where to stay, our guide below details some natural attractions that your family will love to visit.

The best local recipes in Croatia

Croatia’s recipe repertoire is as diverse as its landscape and holiday destinations. This is the place to sample the unusual and delicious, as well as some more familiar recipes. The Turks, Italians, Hungarians and Romans have all made their mark on Croatia’s cuisine, and if you’re exploring the country you’ll be able to spot these influences and more modern international ones.

The beaches of Croatia's Adriatic Coast

The scenic shoreline on Croatia’s Adriatic coast is home to some of the best beaches in Eastern Europe. White shingled coves are more commonplace than fine sandy beaches here, with plenty of sunloungers and watersports readily available.