A guide to the best restaurants in Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is a top spot for those who love food. The area makes great use of the local ingredients to bring you a vibrant selection of traditional rice dishes, bean mixes and meat platters. Choices here range from Latin to Asian and seafood to sushi, so your holiday to Costa Rica can offer all manner of flavoursome foods.

Gluten free and vegan dining at Ginger

Arguably Costa Rica’s most scenic restaurant setting, Ginger is an Asian restaurant quite literally hanging in the trees. This modern build shines with candle light and offers incredible views over Playa Hermosa, complete with a wide range of sharing platters that are great for all the family. The restaurant also offers vegan and gluten free options.

A spot by the water at Aqua Sport

Set right on the sand, Aqua Sport is the trendiest place to be seen on Costa Rica holidays and is perfect if you like a bit of people-watching. Enjoy a light lunch or a cosy beer on the beach – the fish tacos come particularly recommended!

Late night seafood at La Casita del Marisco

For those heartier meals, be sure to visit La Casita del Marisco. This is a gorgeous little spot right on Playa Hermosa beach, but the food is what really sets it apart. Enjoy seafood that is out of this world and a wide range of fresh, decadent desserts.

A local speciality at Sandbar

Word on the street is that Sandbar’s Sushi Bacon Roll is a culinary masterpiece, but you’ll have to check that one out for yourself. What we can attest to is that the atmosphere and variety on offer here is top notch, with ample space to kick back and watch the game as you enjoy a refreshing pint.

Dinner and a swim at Restaurant ManGaby

A relaxed resort atmosphere, Restaurant ManGaby serves great Latin and Spanish cuisine with a smile. There’s an excellent case to be made for the breakfasts – in fact many flock to Restaurant ManGaby early to try the dishes for themselves. What’s more, there’s even a pool!

A delicious dinner at Roberto's Bar and Restaurant

Another of Costa Rica’s beautiful beachside bars, Roberto’s serves up dishes that’ll make your mouth water in no time. Expect incredible fish, meat and veggie meals, and if the mood strikes, an extra order of giant shrimp is always a good move.

Choose something you've never tried at El Quijote Bar and Restaurant

This restaurant comes highly recommended by both locals and tourists, as the owner Ian is always smiling and welcoming new diners to try all the delicious delicacies he has on offer. There are quite a few fusion dishes, while the variety here is truly massive.

Sunset meals at El Velero Restaurant

El Velero is a classic Spanish restaurant with a difference. Settled on the beach of Playa Hermosa, El Velero serves up healthy nachos and other light meals while you sit and watch the sun go down over the sand.

Pizza and sports at Restaurante y Pizzeria Bocelli

This place is a bit of an all-rounder, with Italian, American and English dishes served alongside the traditional Costa Rican spread. You can sit back and watch the football surrounded by all your fellow sports lovers, and enjoy dinner or a beer at the same time.

Kick back at Los Suenos

This gorgeous little garden restaurant offers a natural environment and a relaxed, welcoming vibe to anybody who passes through its doors. With occasional live music and a reliably good wine selection, Sylvia and her team will make you comfortable in this delightful restaurant.