El Jobo Holidays 2024/2025

A small but mighty South American country, Costa Rica is bursting with exotic landscapes and wildlife. It has coasts on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, making its beaches one of this country’s most beautiful features. Holidays to Costa Rica generally mean escaping to a paradise of deep tropical forest where waterways and mysterious creatures hide. And that’s certainly the case with El Jobo.

El Jobo sits in the far north-west corner of Costa Rica and is virtually an untouched corner of paradise. Tucked away and nestled between forest-covered mountains is a just a single hotel with a secluded beach.

El Jobo Holiday Deals

An unbeatable beach

An El Jobo holiday means you have access to a real hidden gem of a beach. The horseshoe-shaped stretch of light, golden sand is backed by forest, with trees framing the beach to provide shade as you lie back and relax. The views across the huge expanse of calm, blue water and the surrounding mountains couldn’t be clearer.

As there’s just one hotel by the beach, El Jobo is never crowded and enjoys a tranquil vibe. Going for a swim in the sea is a sheer joy, as the water is so warm and clear. Make this an even more magical and unforgettable experience by staying as the afternoon comes to an end, and watch an incredible sunset as you swim.

Hang out with the animals

Costa Rica is home to all sorts of colourful and exotic creatures, so it’s no surprise that El Jobo has its fair share. The abundance of trees means that birdsong is probably the loudest noise you’re likely to hear on the beach. The types of birds you might see flying through the canopy include hummingbirds and macaws.

Monkeys are known to inhabit the trees, with howler monkeys being a particularly common sight. Other creatures you could be crossing paths with are iguanas, raccoons, the odd sloth, and a variety of butterflies. The sea is also teaming with life, with turtles and lots of colourful fish to be spotted. An even wider range of wildlife can be experienced during tours of the local area.

Get active

There are several tour operators close to the beach, where you can sign you up to activities such as windsurfing, horse riding and zip-lining. A horseback ride through the countryside in this part of Costa Rica is a fantastic way to explore the area’s sights and sounds. Don’t be surprised if you start to feel like a traditional Costa Rican cowboy as you follow the trails!

Another way to experience the area is by boat. You can enjoy a tour around the water off El Jobo Beach and be rewarded with some amazing views of the ocean and mountains. Why not get your feet wet and go snorkelling to see lots of fish and turtles swimming in the water?

National treasures

Costa Rica is famous for its national parks, so an El Jobo holiday wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one. Beautiful Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge is only 20 minutes away by car. The majority of the landscape is made up of coastal mangroves and tropical forest. Follow hiking trails through the forest for the chance to spot more incredible wildlife, including monkeys, racoons, armadillos, deer and iguanas.

A 50-minute drive from El Jobo brings you to Santa Rosa National Park. It has very similar terrain to Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge but is home to an even wider range of creatures. Animals such as coyotes, tapirs and peccaries are known to roam the land, with many species of monkey living in the trees.

Nearest airport to El Jobo

Daniel Oduber International Airport – 46 miles

A taxi or hired car can get you from Daniel Oduber International Airport to El Jobo in around 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Costa Rica ticks all the boxes when it comes to holiday destinations that are naturally beautiful, practically untouched and full of vibrant wildlife. The country guarantees adventure, whether you want to trek through the rainforest or explore lively cities. El Jobo offers the ultimate beach experience, along with plenty of others to enjoy nearby as well. There are few other stretches of sand in Costa Rica that are as secluded and unspoilt as the idyllic El Jobo.


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