Articles about Costa Rica

Planning a trip to Costa Rica? Browse our articles for information about this central American delight, from how the vibrant destination has become the forerunner in ecology to guides on the people and heritage of the nation. Our informative articles feature all you need to know about Costa Rica, including details of the volcanoes, watersports, wildlife and adventures waiting to be discovered.

Why should Costa Rica be at the top of your list?

There are plenty of reasons why Costa Rica is growing in popularity as a holiday destination, and not just with the nature lovers who’ve been coming here for years. Kissed by the waters of the Pacific on one side and the Caribbean on the other, you’ll find Costa Rica on the map due south of Mexico on the isthmus – the thin strip of land – that connects North and South America. Find out why Costa Rica should be on your bucket list.

Eating well in Costa Rica

There’s something about being on holiday, taking in the views, enjoy the tropical climate, and of course, discovering new and delicious dishes. Costa Rica has a unique cuisine with much of it being locally sourced and many ingredients coming from the land. Plus, Costa Rica is known for making the best coffee in the world, so surely that’s got to be worth a try?

Jungles in Costa Rica

Home to eco-tourism, surfers’ paradise beaches and great coffee, a quarter of Costa Rica is made up of jungle! What’s a better way to explore these jungles than by zip lining, embarking on a safari or dunking in the hot springs! There’s plenty of activities in Costa Rica’s jungles – it’s memories that will last a lifetime.

Adventures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a favourite destination for adventure holidays, giving visitors the chance to enjoy outdoor fun and thrills surrounded by spectacular scenery. If you’re planning your trip, you can rest assured there’s plenty of choice for exciting activities in the area.

Best beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s coastline, or AKA The Gold Coast, has many beautiful bays to enjoy. Whether you like to lay out your towel and relax, head out with a snorkel and spot wildlife, or learn a new skill and take up surfing, Costa Rica has a beach for you. What’s more, you’ll find laid-back beach towns bursting with surf schools and shops where you can hire boards, join a group class or receive one-to-one tuition. With hundreds of secluded beaches to choose from, check out our guide for some informed inspiration.

Costa Rica's ecosystems and wildlife

Close to 4% of the world’s species live in Costa Rica – pretty mind blowing, right? Costa Rica’s ecosystems are some of the most effective and diverse on planet Earth and much of it can be seen when exploring here.