A guide to the best restaurants in Runaway Bay

Runaway Bay, like many Caribbean destinations, benefits from a range of influences – European, Asian and African all come together to create some of the most interesting flavours on Earth. Jamaica holidays will give you the chance to enjoy luscious tropical fruits, fresh seafood and mouth-watering meats, all picked, fished and reared nearby. This means only the best ingredients are used to make the remarkable dishes that these Runaway Bay restaurants serve up – from curried goat to jerk chicken.

Seafood with a view at Sharkies

Just off Salem Beach is Sharkies, the jerk and Jamaican joint that puts smiles on the faces of everyone who visits. Sheltered under a row of palms, this little hut serves up some of the best seafood in Runaway Bay, with an even better view out to sea.

More than just food at Flavours Beach Bar and Restaurant

This welcoming restaurant comes complete with a lagoon pool and beachfront bar for anyone who wants to spend the whole day relaxing in this gorgeous coastal resort. The restaurant itself focuses on classic Caribbean cuisine – from baked, fried and jerk chicken to freshly caught lobster.

Unbeatable Jamaican classics at Jerky's

Oxtails and rice are Jerky’s speciality, and many claim they do the best jerk chicken you’ll find on holidays to Jamaica. The only way to find out is to visit it yourself. You might even arrive on one of their hilarious themed nights.

Eat vegan and veggie at All About Food

All About Food is Runaway Bay’s most loved vegan and vegetarian restaurant. The menu is constantly changing, which keeps customers coming back again and again to sample new and inventive herbivore cuisine.

Ice cream like nowhere else at Devon House

Devon House serves up incredible ice creams, making it the ideal spot for an after dinner dessert. Rum and raisin or grape nut are two of the local creations, and they could rival any homemade Italian gelato with ease.

A familiar affair at Cardiff Hall Restaurant

Generous portions, varied menu and a comfortable setting makes Cardiff Hall Restaurant one of the most trusted in Runaway Bay. The food is fantastic, a combination of Italian and British, with impeccable English-style service.

You've never eaten food like it at High-Seas Seafood Raft

Wait for it – this is true innovation. Jerome and his Seafood Raft float out in the ocean frying freshly caught fish and lobster. Customers swim out to the raft to place their order, or else wait on the sand for one of his waiters. They’ll fry it up for you and Jerome and his staff will swim the food to your spot on the beach. How’s that for service?

A taste of home at The British Bulldog

A British pub with a small selection of Caribbean dishes too, The British Bulldog has all the home comforts for when you just fancy a bit of UK charm. Owned by an English couple, this bar also has karaoke and pool if you’re after a fun night out.

Always a surprise at JamDung Bar and Grill

JamDung is a great evening’s entertainment, serving top notch cocktails and playing great Jamaican tunes. There’s a small menu of good local food, but the staff often have a range of specials on which won’t be listed, so it’s best to ask what treats they’re cooking up that day.

Eat with the locals at Tek it Easy

Tek it Easy gives off the true Jamaican vibe. A little way down Cardiff Hall beach, Tek it Easy offer an authentic experience you won’t get in any resort. Locally owned and a favourite among natives, the food is Caribbean through and through, and the music is too.