A guide to nightlife in Varadero

Because Varadero is located on a tiny spit jutting out from northern Cuba, the town has a close community feel that’s well suited to lively nights out. Whether you’re after raucous nightclubs or live music venues on your holiday to Cuba, or even a place to sit back and unwind with the locals, there’s going to be plenty to see. With dozens of places in town though, where’s your best bet? See if any of our favourites fit the bill.

Local music at Casa de la Musica

Directly translating as ‘House of Music’, it makes sense that live performances are almost always blaring into the night from this colourful place. Located on the north coast, you can expect affordable drinks and an upbeat ambience, backed by local musical and dance talent that’ll get toes tapping and pulses racing.

Lively nights at Cuevos Los Pirates

Colourful costumes, live cabaret performances and a mix of happy holidaymakers and laughing locals are all part of a night spent at Cuveos Los Pirates. The venue itself is well worth a visit for the fact that it’s set in a cave, but the good prices, engaging performances and lively music more than back up this bar’s appeal.

Classic fun at Mambo Club

Every visit to the Mambo Club in Varadero is like taking a step back in time – from its 1950s exterior to its costumed dancers, stylised bar area and gleaming old school convertibles. There are classes here to help you brush up on your Cuban dance moves, so leave your shyness at the door and get ready to groove until dawn.

Fun-sized and fun loving at La Arboleda

Cosy and alternative, this bar is tiny, but makes up for it with the size of its personality. It’s become a famous spot for seriously intimate live music shows, which feel more like vibrant house parties than traditional performances. Drink up, dance and make new friends at this hidden treasure.

Cheap drinks and salsa dancing at La Bamba

From disco to salsa, the old school greats are here for the taking on your cheap Cuba holidays at La Bamba. There are lots of promotions throughout your stay in which drink prices get cut and happy hours get implemented, while the venue is nice and spacious, with a groovy retro style. Make sure you check in during a night out – this is one of Varadero’s most famous locales.

Cuban delights at Benny Bar

Named for the local legend that was Benny More, Benny Bar plays jazz and classic soul over cocktails and sublime rums. The bar’s located at the seafront, so you can enjoy a tropical sunset over your beverage, all while reflecting on your journey and savouring the sounds of some of the best music Cuba has produced.

All night long at FM-17

Open 24 hours a day, you can visit FM-17 during the morning for your coffee, come back later for a tasty lunch, then return at night for a mojito and some live music. The bands that perform here are some of the most up and coming artists on the island, while the feel of the venue makes you right at home as the party goes on.

Let loose at Karaoke 440

There’s plenty of dancing to be done at this place, but as you’ve likely guessed from the name, there are also karaoke contests to be enjoyed, if you feel like breaking out your dulcet tones. On special nights, live band performances also grace the stage, while the bar staff are happy to keep you topped up all evening.

Rock and Roll at The Beatles

Old school rock and roll at its finest is very much the order of the day at The Beatles, which has a dedicated outdoor patio space for performances by local musicians. Taking their cues from the classics, these performers will bring out fond memories of yesteryear over cool beers and zingy cocktails.

Delicious cocktails at Havana Cafe

Named for the inimitable style of the Cuban capital, Havana Cafe is styled after the heyday of the 1930s, although the dances and music that you can expect here are more on the contemporary side. Live performances keep the place buzzing with vitality, while the drinks are reasonably priced and feature some of the best cocktails in town.