A guide to the best restaurants in Cayo Coco

To the north of Cuba, and separated by a narrow stretch of water, lies Cayo Coco. Well-known for its many exclusive resorts, Cayo Coco also has a a variety of restaurants outside of the hotel complexes. And, Cayo Guillermo, only a 25 minute drive away, adds to the fantastic choice of restaurants for both day and night eating. You can feast on delicious Cuban cooking and flavoursome Mediterranean food during your holidays to Cuba here, and wash down your meals with cerveza fria – an ice cold beer.

Family friendly reception at Ranchon Playa Flamenco, Cayo Coco

Combine the winning ingredients of lobster and a fantastic sea view, and you know that you’re in for a good time when you eat at Ranchon Playa Flamenco. This relaxed restaurant also hosts live music in the evenings, and the whole place develops a party vibe. Chicken and shrimp are on the menu too.

Admire the view and the food at Ranchon Las Coloradas, Cayo Coco

The Playa des Coloradas claims to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba. And, the food at Rancho Las Coloradas is rather special too. Open until 11pm you’ll be able to enjoy grilled meats or seafood as well as a variety of rice and vegetable dishes when eating here.

Beachside beauty at Ranchon Las Dunas, Cayo Coco

Ranchon Las Dunas is set in the stunning location of Playa Acamedia and offers moderate prices throughout its tasty menu, including lobster, prawns, fish and pork. Beer is available here, but if you want some wine you have to bring your own. Most hotel shops do sell wine to take away.

Fantastic music and food at Lenny's bar and grill, Cayo Coco

Lenny’s bar is one of those places you’ll want to return to on each trip to Cuba. The live music is a blast, and the beautifully presented seafood with side dishes of salads and rice is also tasty. The bar is named after a Canadian called Lenny, hence the Canadian number plates attached to the walls of this charming restaurant.

International repertoire at Memories Carib, Cayo Coco

For a taste of international cuisine, Memories Carib certainly fits the bill. As well as Cuban seafood, watch out for this restaurant’s sushi bar plus pasta and other worldly favourites. The restaurant is part of a larger resort, and faces the crystal clear azure water of the Caribbean. Wine and beer is served to accompany your meal, the perfect finishing touch anyone’s Cuba holidays.

Countryside dining at Sitio La Guira, Cayo Coco

A two-minute drive away from Playa Flamenco this restaurant is part of a relaxed farm-like resort that has a restaurant that’s open to everyone. Surrounded by farmland, the straw huts that house the accommodation and the restaurant are charming. Omelettes, salads and the usual Cuban grilled dishes are all included on the menu.

Sand dune beauty at Ranchon Playa Pilar, Cayo Guillermo

The dunes at Playa Pilar are among the highest on Cuba, and if this isn’t reason enough to visit this restaurant, then the food should also act as a magnet. Grilled food is a speciality but so are the restaurant’s ice creams and even its fudge. After your meal you can always climb up onto the neighbouring tower and grab a view of this whole idyllic region.

Dining in style at Punta Rasa, Cayo Guillermo

Fantastic seafood is a trademark of this seafront restaurant. The lobster is magnificent, the salads are creative and the views from this hidden jewel are amazing. There are some innovative drinks on the menu including rice fried banana rum.

Enjoy the buzz at Ranchon Cuba Libre, Cayo Guillermo

Named after one of Cuba’s most famous exports, this wonderful restaurant specialises in lobster. Ranchon Cuba Libre is very family friendly. Set in beautiful grounds and facing the sea a visit to this establishment is always a treat.

Hotel dining at Fontenella restaurant, Cayo Coco

This region is dominated by hotels, and a meal at Fontenella in the Hotel Colonial offers upscale a la carte dining suitable for any special occasion. The dishes are immaculately presented and consist of a full range of international meals as well as local grilled specialities.