St James Holidays 2024/2025

Some call this part of the island the Platinum Beach. It’s well loved among the rich and famous, yet the rise in All Inclusive Barbados holidays means that tourists from every background can enjoy the pristine sand, sumptuous sea and fantastic entertainment on offer. Bars, restaurants and nightlife combine to create a brilliant atmosphere in St James.

St James Holiday Deals

Explore the Platinum Coast

St James is often touted as one of the most gorgeous places on Earth. The parish has come a long way since it was first settled by the English in the 1600s. Over time, the western side of the island has developed into one of the most desirable places in the world to explore and enjoy. It has a strong reputation as the stomping ground of the rich and famous, but the fantastic range of Barbados holiday deals on offer mean that St James isn’t entirely exclusive.

The community here welcomes travellers from across the globe, which means that even holidaymakers on shoestring budgets are going to have the chance to enjoy the beaches, countryside and entertainment so readily offered at this fantastic location.

Sun yourself on the shore

With enticingly warm sand and an irresistibly clear blue sea, St James offers a beach experience that’s utterly Caribbean and one of the finest examples. There’s a brilliant mix of active party beaches, cosy family retreats by the coast and truly secluded strips of shore around the area.

St James is yours to explore, either with organised tours or by taking a chance and seeing where your adventure takes you. A stroll around town will give you a chance to take in secret caves, forgotten woods, green meadows and cosy coves.

Get some retail therapy in Chattel Village

There’s both upmarket emporiums and local corner shops to be found throughout the shopping district of St James, with grand malls like the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre to try out as well. Designers labels can be easily found in the more upmarket parts of town for those looking to splash out on something sensational to show everyone back home.

Don’t disregard the local artwork or trinkets to be found in souvenir shacks either. Supermarkets and grocery shops are readily available for those essential supplies, from suntan lotion to ingredients for a picnic. You’ll also find jewellery shops to dazzle you, as well as coffee shops to relax in during your day of retail reconnaissance.

Dine in the sunshine

There’s a brilliant selection of restaurants and bars in St James, giving you a good array of choices for your daily meals. Those who favour the smoky, spicy flavours of the local style of cooking will delight in the jerked meats and seafood salads that Bajan cuisine does so well.

If you’ve got a more diverse palate, you’ll be well looked after here as well, with French and Italian restaurants, options for Greek dining, as well as tea houses that offer tantalising teas, coffees, cakes and pastries. Asian food can also be found, while kiosks offering barbecued delights are located on almost every beach.

At the acclaimed Cliff restaurant, you’ll sample the finest in Thai, Chinese and Italian flavours, all beautifully presented and in a quirky setting overlooking the sea.

Meet the locals and sample some culture

Barbados has got plenty of culture to take in. You can find a whole host of museums, talks and tours that’ll bring you up to speed with the intricate history of the island. From first being settled through to the introduction of rum distilleries that ship their delicious tipples everywhere in the world today. The Folkestone Marine Park and Museum features and artificial reef, an aquarium and displays of marine species and life.

As the first parish ever established in Barbados, it makes sense that the beating heart of local culture can be found in St James, and you’ll see that for yourself in the architecture, the local legends and the broad smiles of the people that live here. There’s never a dull moment in St James, which makes it the ideal holiday spot for all the family.


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