A guide to the best restaurants in Hastings

Holidays in Barbados are the perfect time to sample some true Caribbean flavours. Located on the edge of the capital city BridgetownHastings is a small yet popular beachside resort that offers a fantastic range of attractions for the whole family. High on the list is the amazing local cuisine, which boasts international fusion alongside local tapas, complete with friendly service and excellent cocktail menus here and there.

Pure and simple at Tapas

One of the most picturesque restaurants in the whole of Hastings, Tapas is an astutely named little place which specialises in, you guessed it, tapas. Here you can sit on a table with an unbeatable view out to sea, watch as the sun goes down over the horizon, and share a few plates of local Hastings grub – what a delight.

It's time for Italian at Buzo Osteria Italiana

They call it ‘Buzo Time’ in Hastings, which is the moment you realise this incredible Italian restaurant is the only place to celebrate the night. A night at Buzo Osteria Italiana is always a special occasion. You can watch your pizza being made sitting beside the pizza bar, and enjoy excellent antipasti and pasta in any seat of the house.

Eat Barbadian at Ackee Tree Restaurant

This is a favourite among locals and tourists, as it offers the largest plates of local cuisine you’ll find anywhere in Hastings. The macaroni comes particularly recommended, especially eaten with a Roti – a gorgeous flatbread that the Ackee Tree is prized for.

People watching at Blakey's on the Boardwalk

This is one of the local hotspots and is often filled with young people looking for after work drinks. The cocktails are fantastic and varied, with boozed up fruit juice and hand-picked berries to garnish. A light lunch at Blakey’s could consist of a filling burger, a fruity cocktail and a great view.

It's a must for chillin' at Just Grillin'

When looking for a laid-back venue to kick back, relax and put the world to rights, Just Grillin’ is the place to be. Their hefty menu of meats with great dip options will have you stuffed in no time, ready to paint the town red at one of the bars in Bridgetown.

A healthy option at Country House

Country House is a petite Barbadian joint that serves light mains and salads to keep your energy levels high. The seafood lasagne is a top favourite among regulars, and all of their fish dishes use fresh catches, fried to perfection every time.

A taste of Italy at Mama Mia Italian Deli & Pizzeria

Another of Hastings’ popular Italian joints, Mama Mia is a fast and easy way to enjoy fresh and delicious Mediterranean dishes on Barbados holidays. Made with care and fresh, local produce, the food that Mama Mia cooks up is as close as you can get to the real taste of Italy, without going there yourself.

A evening painted neon at Blue Room Sports Bar and Grill

A dramatically lit bar attracts many to the Blue Room, and the live sports keeps them there. What few know is that this place is also a great little restaurant, offering burgers and steaks to those who are feeling a little bit peckish. Pop by for a meal and stay for the game.

Embrace the holiday atmosphere at The Deck at the Coconut Court

Coconut Court Beach Resort is a popular spot for tourists, offering great accommodation options and an idyllic swimming pool covered by trees. The deck is also equipped with a great restaurant, which serves a range of Caribbean food to guests and non-guests. Their Sunday buffet is particularly popular.

It's snack time at Chutney's

Chutney’s is a great fast food joint, serving incredible rotis stuffed with veg, meats and other Caribbean favourites. These wraps go down a treat any time of the day or night, and are a great way to line your stomach before a night on the town.