A guide to nightlife in Antigua

Nights in Antigua are full of classic Caribbean details, from rum cocktails to reggae music played by local DJs. Many of the bars scattered across the island double as restaurants during the day, so you can start with dinner before moving toward the bar. Quite a few places are tucked along the coast too, making travelling between the beach and the bar on your Caribbean holiday easy. The atmospheres at the beach bars and bar-restaurant combos are often laid-back, but there are dance clubs too, so indulging in lively nights out on any cheap holiday to Antigua won’t be hard to do.

A side of dancing at Abracadabra Restaurant and Disco-Bar, English Harbour

Not only is Abracadabra a top restaurant but come midnight, it’s also one of the most popular discos on the island. Owned and operated by two Italian brothers that know a thing or two about high quality Italian dining, after dinner the action heats up.

The lights go down, the tables are pushed aside and local DJs step in, creating a party atmosphere that stays alive well into the wee hours of the morning. There’s a large dancefloor made that much more inviting by a list of pretty strong cocktails.

Club nights at Studio 79, St John's

Formerly known as Rush, this nightlife spot has been hosting parties for years. It’s a hit with locals, but newcomers needn’t be afraid to join in. The venue is split into two floors, each with its own unique vibe. Downstairs is where you’ll find the main bar and pool tables, while upstairs is the club area where the DJs spin their tracks and the dancing ensues.

The club often hosts parties throughout the week with live music and drink specials, so it’s worth checking in advance what’s on.

Beachside karaoke at Castaways, Saint Mary's

As far as nightlife venues go, Castaways is incredibly laid-back. It doubles as a restaurant most of the time, and is located right on the beach so once you’ve grabbed a drink you can retreat to the line of sunloungers down by the water.

Once the night rolls around, there’s usually a variety of evening entertainment to meet it – cocktails, karaoke, BBQ dinners and live music, to name a few. And the bar often attracts beach-goers from all over the world, so you’ll typically find a chatty bunch to settle in beside for a casual evening.

Your neighbourhood pub at Drop-In, English Harbour

Think of your favourite neighbourhood pub, of the friendly atmosphere and the familiar faces you’ve grown to recognise over the years – that’s Drop-In, your new Antiguan local.

They serve classic pub fare, but most people come for the drinks after a long day of lazing by the beach. You can grab a pint or a glass of wine and cosy up on the terrace overlooking the water or join a team for the Friday night pub quiz. There are sports on television as well, so you won’t have to miss a game as you sip.

Evening reggae at Millers by the Sea, St John's

Found just south of Dickenson Bay, Millers by the Sea is an easy-going beach bar that dishes up local bites during the day, accompanied by ice cold beer. They also have a wide selection of rum cocktails and other beach favourites like pina coladas.

As the name suggests, Millers is just along the sea on the beach in Fort James, rumoured to be one of the best on the island. Reggae music takes the stage in the evenings, played by a pair of DJs – dancing is optional, but always recommended.