A guide to food and drink in Boa Vista

The food in Boa Vista and Cape Verde generally is a mash up of African, European and Caribbean cuisines, making it one of the most exciting destinations to eat in. You just never know when you’ll be ordering something you’ve never tried before or be treated to familiar tastes that tickle your senses and bring back memories of past holidays.

Exploring Boa Vista's delicacies

Expect incredible preparation and friendly service with the occasional after-party of Cape Verdean music and dancing until late at night. Boa Vista holidays will find you on one of the smaller islands in Cape Verde, but it more than makes up for its size with the richness of its cuisine. Many restaurants will have shorter menus with dishes prepared fresh using the best locally-reared meats, freshly caught fish and ripe fruit and veg.

Corn is the staple food of Boa Vista, and it’s used as the base ingredient for countless pork, beef and fish dishes. That said, seafood is as popular as you’d expect it to be on an island nation, particularly in the tuna and onion stews that make up much of a rustic restaurant’s menu. There’s plenty to experience though, so set your tastebuds free as you consider some of our recommendations of the best places to eat.

Fresh fish at Morabeza Bar & Lounge, Morabeza Beach

Morabeza is top of the list for food in Boa Vista and also provides breath-taking views out to sea. You’ll be sure to get the freshest fish from the local harbours, plus perfectly-seared steaks from nearby farmers. This restaurant’s welcoming environment means that even if you aren’t looking for a full meal, you can still hang out with a dessert or a cocktail and feel at home.

Meat treats at Cabo Cafe & Restaurant, Sal Rei

The quality of steak in this restaurant is what really sets it apart from its competitors, so much so that many come here just to tackle a large rib-eye. As you might expect, the staff will work with you in discussing how you want your meat cooked, so you can enjoy it tender and raw or grizzled and well-done as you prefer.

The lighting of this restaurant casts a modern and stylish mood across the seating areas, and the open sides allow for a cooling evening breeze after a day in the hot sun.

Indulge in style at Bahia the Beach, Riu Karamboa

The kind of traditional food that you’ll find on Cape Verde holidays is the speciality of Bahia the Beach, with particular attention paid to the preparation of their incredible tuna steak. Fished fresh every day, this delicacy is what they’re famous for, as well as their grand selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – so all the family are catered for.

Cocktails galore at Perola d'Chaves, Sal Rei

Everything at Perola d’Chaves is prepared to perfection, with special care taken over the presentation of each dish. The food looks amazing, arranged in appetising patterns that almost make you not want to eat it – but not quite. It tastes incredible too so, washed down with one of Perola d’Chaves’ pretty cocktails, you may just have found one of the best meals in Boa Vista.

Mouth-watering offerings at Blue Marlin, Sal Rei

This is one of the top restaurants for those looking for authentic Boa Vistan cuisine. The meals are simple, but the ingredients are so well-sourced that they make the food taste like its been seasoned and left to marinate, when in fact the quality of the meats and veg means it just has a naturally mouth-watering taste.