Matagorda Holidays 2024/2025

Matagorda, along with its neighbour and sibling Playa de los Pocillos, was born of the tourist boom enjoyed by Puerto del Carmen in the 1990s, but has since developed a character and charm all of its own. Matagorda has everything you’re likely to need during the majority of your holidays to Lanzarote. Whether you’re aiming for cheap trips or All Inclusive Lanzarote hotels, there’s a place for you. And if it’s just quiet, relaxing days and nights you’re looking for, Matagorda is the place for you.

Matagorda Holiday Deals

The sunny beach

One thing you’ll immediately notice about Matagorda’s beach is its size. As a resort on the smaller side there’s ample room to accommodate all of its visitors, so you’re never going to feel crowded. The next thing you’ll notice is how calm things are – and we’re not just talking about the waves.

Without all the watersports and activities offered at livelier resorts your opportunity to properly unwind won’t be disturbed, and you’ll be able to enjoy a well-earned rest. As one of an irresistible trio of Blue Flag beaches it’s here that you’ll spend most of your time – so make sure you bring a good book, and don’t fall asleep in the sun!

Plenty to choose from

Despite Matagorda’s fairly small size it has a decent range of accommodation, from four-star hotels to Self Catering villas, and everything that comes in between. The four-star Beatriz Playa Hotel is one of the most popular in the region and is known for its welcoming atmosphere and proximity to the beach. Self Catering apartments are also an option, especially for those looking to travel on a budget.

From Irish pubs to jazz music

Around Matagorda’s centre square you’ll find plenty of dining options, with all the variety of world cuisine you’d expect from a Lanzarote resort. If you fancy a Guinness or a reminder of food back home then you’ll find an Irish pub, and if you want something a little unexpected then there’s an excellent Japanese restaurant too. And, of course, there’s always tapas.

Drinks-wise you’ll find pleasant cocktail bars and pubs with views over the sea, and while you won’t find the kinds of late-opening clubs available in Puerto del Carmen, there’s still the opportunity to enjoy some live jazz music, or even have a go at Salsa dancing in a Latino bar.

Convenient location

If you’re looking for somewhere that offers you the minimum of fuss when you arrive – imagine getting off the plane, out of the airport and then arriving at your accommodation within five minutes – then Matagorda is ideal. A quick transfer time is sometimes all you need to properly begin your relaxing time away. The capital, Arrecife, sits just up the road, and a walk or cycle along the promenade will take you to other nearby resorts if you’re looking for somewhere that’s a bit more active.

Activities nearby

Matagorda is a great resort for couples or friends looking for some peace and quiet, and has plenty of free activities to keep even the cheapest holidays to Lanzarote interesting.. However, if you’re rested enough and feel like an adventure, Matagorda is placed so you won’t have to travel far. Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is aimed mainly at families but anyone can enjoy its convivial atmosphere and impressive nature park, and Timanfaya National Park is a great option for those interesting in discovering some of Lanzarote‘s spectacular volcanic history.

Another option is to head down the promenade, where you’ll find all kinds of water-based activities to fill your day – you’ll enjoy Matagorda’s peace and quiet even more on your return.

Plane spotting

Strangely enough, Matagorda is a resort that’s popular with plane spotters. The beginning of Arrecife airport’s runway is only two kilometres away and if you’re interested in seeing a jumbo jet flying up close, there are some vantage points that see a gathering of enthusiasts year after year.


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