Brena Baja Holidays 2024/2025

Writing your memoirs? Looking for a romantic getaway to make that proposal? If it’s beautiful scenery, a relaxed feel and very few tourists you are after, a holiday to Breña Baja is the ideal destination. You can take in the beautiful surroundings, walk on secluded beaches and spend your evenings sitting by candlelight at local family restaurants. When it’s time to go home, this eastern town is just a 10 minute-drive to the airport.

Brena Baja Holiday Deals

Views that are a breathe of fresh air

Whether you are a city dweller or live in a rural town, the scenery in Breña Baja will blow you away. Many people head straight for Spain’s more popular resorts, but Breña Baja holidays are ideal for some tranquil R and R in the sun. The pretty hillside village has a stunning coastline and quaint architecture to explore, too.

From whale watching to hiking, holidays to Breña Baja will be a feast for the eyes and the soul. You can spend time basking in the sun or let the wind blow through your hair on a hike along the coast – it beats sitting at your office desk any day.

Far from the hustle and bustle

Holidays to La Palma are a chilled-out affair. Book your holidays in its Breña Baja area and you’ll get that same laid-back vibe but still be just a short drive from many popular attractions, too. Stroll the cobbled streets of Santa Cruz, visit the beautiful botanical gardens and animal park of Breña Alta or walk to San Antonio volcano. Your holiday to Breña Baja really will tick every box.

Not your average beach

It’s just not a holiday if you can’t sunbathe on the beach or float in the sea. For all the facilities, head to Playa de los Cancajos, but if you’d rather get off the beaten track, a short walk from Breña Baja will take you to local favourite Bajamar Beach, a man-made beach just 4km away. Take your camera because the volcanic sand is black – perfect for those one-of-a-kind Instagram shots. It’s also a great place for diving.

Hiking tales

Breña Baja holidays will set you up for the year – both physically and mentally. There are around 16 hiking trails, so whether you are a beginner or more of a seasoned walker, you can either head into Santa Cruz for a look around the historic city or strap on your boots for a hike through the Breña Baja hills.

There are buses and taxi tours if you don’t want to walk all the way. So stock up on what you need for your hike in the local supermarket and remember to pack lots of water.

Dining out in good taste

There are very few hotels and restaurants in Breña Baja, but that’s part of it’s charm. You won’t find tourists and party goers staggering around the streets, so relax in the knowledge that you can spend hours eating local fare in a quiet, family friendly atmosphere.

The local eateries serve fresh, traditional dishes with seafood often caught that day. For more international restaurants, grab a cab into Santa Cruz de la Palma where you will find bars, pubs and restaurants galore.

Breña Baja is a hidden gem. Often overlooked, it’s a charming, secluded destination for those in the know. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or with the entire family, a holiday to Breña Baja will leave you rested and refreshed. Experience the local culture, try the local food and sink your toes in the black sand – it really is the ideal place to indulge yourself.


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