Playa De Santiago Holidays 2024/2025

Many people dream of holidays to La Gomera, as it’s not only the greenest but also the most unspoilt of the Canary Islands, which means sun-seekers can take advantage of the quiet ambience. Holidays to Playa De Santiago capture the essence of this peaceful island; a stunning, understated fishing village that is home to a few tasteful restaurants and bars, and a pebble beach. It does, however, offer easy access to the island’s capital, if you like to experience a change of pace during your holiday.

Playa de Santiago Holiday Deals

Eat at the water’s edge

Although it’s a quiet location, Playa De Santiago has a number of fantastic restaurants, all of which are located along the pretty coastline. Understated, chic and quiet, they are a testament to the class of the village itself, and allow you to sample fresh-from-the-net seafood and the local speciality of carne de cabra en salsa, which is goat in red wine. Open-air eating is an experience you’ll never forget, but even more so when the scenery is lovely, the food is sourced locally and the atmosphere as chilled as it is in Playa De Santiago.

Sunbathe on black sand

If you’ve only ever seen golden or white sandy beaches, you’re in for a serious surprise, as Playa De Santiago holidays are known for beaches with unusual black sand. Given the colour of the sand, it heats up beautifully and makes it feel as though you’re getting a hot stone massage when you lay down. When you want to cool down, you can simply take a dip in the refreshing water that laps at the shore. Valle Gran Rey Beach is thought to be the most popular stretch of black sand, and is only 15 minutes away by catamaran.

Explore the sea life

Regardless of whether you stretch out on pebbles or black sand, the beaches on La Gomera are havens of tranquillity. Having said this, Playa De Santiago has something extra: a diving school. Beginners are welcome to start their underwater journey here, learning the basics of diving before delving beneath the waves. There are also regular organised dives for those who are more experienced. If you’ve been waiting for a good excuse to buy yourself an underwater camera, this is it. You’ll spot fantastic sea life, including resident barracudas, crabs, octopuses and more.

Take a hike

If you’re happier on dry land than you are in the water, you’ll love getting your walking shoes on and hiking to the top of Alto de Garajonay. The route is clearly signposted and takes you up through Garajonay National Park, but you need to start at Igualero, which is a 25-minute drive from Playa De Santiago. The hike itself takes a couple of hours, so you’ll need to plan ahead in terms of drinks and snacks, but it’s so worth it for the spectacular views that will reward you at the top, as you can see all the way over to Tenerife.

Treat yourself

Charmingly enough, Playa De Santiago holidays aren’t known for extensive shopping opportunities. In the village itself, you’ll find just two supermarkets, so if you need anything other than toiletries or food, you’ll have to leave the area and visit a neighbouring town, which is a great excuse to explore nearby locations. For regional crafts, such as rugs and linens, Hermigua is your best bet, being just 40 minutes away, and for sweet, local palm honey, Arure is the same distance away. You could also pop to San Sebastián, which is known for its variety of shops and bars.

Explore further afield

Holidays in Playa De Santiago can tick off a few bucket list items, but it’s always worth taking a day trip or two if you can make time for them. Playa De Santiago is so conveniently located that you’ll be able to leave your accommodation in the morning and enjoy neighbouring towns and cities (such as San Sebastián, which is just a 30-minute drive away) with ease. There’s a lot of history about Christopher Columbus to absorb, and there’s also a fantastic boat trip that heads out to the stunning Los Organos rock formation, which lies just off the coast.

The opposite of a party town, Playa De Santiago is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a holiday that will help them escape the busy routine of everyday life. Upmarket, relaxed and within easy reach of other interesting towns, Playa De Santiago boasts a wealth of culture, outdoor opportunities and delicious food, and is the perfect base for doing as much or as little as you want to, all under the beautiful Spanish sun.


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