Puerto Rico Holidays 2024/2025

By day, Gran Canaria’s southern coastal city of Puerto Rico is ripe with beach-side activities, bustling shopping centres and restaurants sporting gorgeous waterfront views. Boats debark on marine life-viewing excursions, adrenaline junkies whiz through the waves on jet skis, champagne glasses clink together on outdoor patios and the sun-thirsty drink in warm rays from a plush sunbed.

Puerto Rico Holiday Deals

A day at the beach

The two main beaches in Puerto Rico are pretty unique, and we aren’t just saying that – both are man-made, which means both had their sands shipped in from foreign locations. The tranquil Amadores’ shores came from the Caribbean, while the golden grains of the bustling Puerto Rico Beach came directly from the Sahara, making that first squish of sand between your toes that much more exotic.

A Blue Flag award-winning beach for its superior water quality and attention to environmental preservation, the Amadores is loud-music free, ball-game free stretch of sand, whose calm bay is ringed by a wall of rocks that keep the waves tempered. At the Puerto Rico Beach, relaxation-ready holidaygoers can rent sunbeds and stretch out underneath the Spanish sun while children splash in the lightly lapping water.

All-night fun

By night, the city transforms into a hotbed of nightlife that lasts until the early morning, with music filling the streets from discos and sports bars, and sweet cocktails topped with tiny umbrellas filling your hands. Croon your favourite karaoke tune or bust out your holiday moves on the dance floor before returning to your hotel for a great night’s sleep. Then rise for another fun-packed day, and repeat.

When you’re on holiday, it’s only natural to live like the locals. And it’s no secret that the Spanish like to eat late and play late. So it’s only fair that when the sun goes down, you shirk the early bedtime and partake in the friendly dance-offs, the DJ-led quizzes, the fruity cocktails. Right?

With that in mind, Puerto Rico is packed with bars and discos, perfect for a lively night out. Grab a cocktail and let loose with your karaoke go-to, or sway in your seat to live music at a buzzing piano bar. Cheer on your local team from a sports bar with your ten new best friends, or dance like you haven’t in years. The party often goes all night, with some clubs closing in the wee hours of the morning. Because what better way to end the night than with the sunrise?

On the high seas

In Puerto Rico, the fun doesn’t end on the shore. In fact, it only begins, as a bunch of the best activities in the area happen in and on the ocean. Hop aboard a boat and spot whales and dolphins surfing through the waves, peer through the floor of a glass-bottom boat or dip beneath the surface by suiting up in scuba gear and make friends with underwater sea creatures.

Things can also get a little, shall we say, extreme. Visitors can get their adrenaline pumping with speed boat tours or by gliding over the Atlantic Ocean on a parasailing adventure. Wrangle in a fish that’ll give you bragging rights for years to come or jet-ski through the tumbling waves.

But your holiday activities don’t have to be all work – there’s a lot of smooth sailing in Puerto Rico. You can also explore the jagged cliffsides on a quiet boat tour or relax underneath the massive masts of an authentic sail boat.

Kid friendly

With a mini-golf course, amusement arcades, boat tours and a nearby water park, keeping the youngest members of your group occupied isn’t a challenge in Puerto Rico. There’s even an Angry Birds Activity Park, modelled after the popular game, with plenty of shade for parents to rest in. And then, of course, there’s the beach, whose cool waves and sun-drenched shores are ground zero for family fun.

Centres of attention

Puerto Rico is home to two large shopping plazas, the aptly named Puerto Rico Shopping Centre and the Europa Centre. From basic amenities such as grocers and chemists to holiday staples like discos and restaurants boasting continental cuisine, the Shopping Centre acts as a one-stop shop in the heart of Puerto Rico.

Similarly, the nearby Europa Centre comes equipped with a wide array of restaurants serving traditional Spanish food, in addition to cuisine from the likes of Italy and the UK. Plus, you’ll find arcade games and a cluster of late-night bars to hop between throughout the night.


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