Idyll Suites

Idyll Suites is located less than a kilometre from a sandy beach, and provides the perfect adults-only escape. Offering sweeping sea views, you can have cocktails brought directly to your lounger as you relax and enjoy the mountain-trimmed coastline. The parasols even contain a service button, so there’s no need to leave your seat! The hotel also contains a sea-view terrace with a heated pool and hot-tub, as well as in-water loungers to stretch out on. In the pool you’ll also find jets, which provide that perfect spa feel. In the evening, you can unwind and watch the sunset, visit one of the nearby Mediterranean restaurants or take a five-minute taxi ride to the ever-popular tourist spot of Puerto Rico.

Overview of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is known as a ‘miniature continent,’ due to the variety of its terrain. The second-most populated of the Canary Islands, in the south is where you’ll find Playa del Cura and the Idyll Suites hotel. Thanks to a year-round warm climate, holidays to Gran Canaria have become increasingly popular. With a plethora of bustling beach resorts and clifftop rambles providing panoramic views of the Atlantic, there’s something for everyone in Gran Canaria. One third of the island is designated as a biosphere reserve by Unesco – so if you’re searching for unspoilt landscapes and coconut-white sands, you’ll find them in Gran Canaria.

Things to do in Gran Canaria

Set in the laid-back town of Playa del Cura, Idyll Suites is nestled into the cliffs between two of Gran Canaria’s most popular resorts: Amadores and Puerto Rico. From stretching out on a sweep of volcanic sand, to hiking along the scenic coastline, Playa del Cura contains something for everyone. Neighbouring Puerto Rico is also a hive of activity, with a vibrant nightlife scene providing the evenings’ entertainment. Meanwhile, nearby Amadores has Blue Flag status, and a beach made from crushed coral that’s been shipped from the Caribbean. It’s the ideal spot for scuba diving, and you’ll find parrotfish and damselfish among the sights to behold beneath the crystal-clear waters.

Resort Summary

With an average year-round temperature of 24°C, Gran Canaria is a paradise for sun-seekers.

The beach here is a glorious strip of volcanic sand that gently slopes into the water, attracting locals and tourists alike. Plus, because these golden sands and calm waters often fly under the radar for tourists, there’s no need to fight for a sunbed.

If you’re looking for a livelier beach spot, then you can also head to the equally glorious Amadores, where the crushed coral beach was imported from the Caribbean. Here, there’s a great scuba-diving scene and below the waters, you can spot parrotfish, damselfish and even the occasional octopus.