A guide to nightlife in Maspalomas

As the sun goes down on the vast dunes of Maspalomas and beach loungers fold their towels up for the day, the city’s nightlife scene comes to life. Catering to a varied crowd, this seaside hotspot boasts a little something for everyone – live match screenings for sports lovers, pints of Guinness for the homesick, buzzing beats for the all-night partiers, even a healthy dose of show tunes for Broadway fans.

Down in one at The 19th Hole Meloneras

For some seriously high-quality live music and a terrace that quite literally borders the waterfront, the 19th Hole – golf reference, anyone? – is unrivalled. This locale is renowned for its extensive drink list and delicious meals, as well as the televisions broadcasting live sports matches and a small golf shop.

Healthy measures at Moonlight Sports & Karaoke Bar

From queuing up at the pool tables or catching the rugby on overhanging televisions to dancing until your sides ache and belting out your favourite karaoke tunes, the Moonlight Sports and Karaoke Bar promises lots of fun. The cocktails here aren’t measured, exactly, but more eye-balled – you didn’t hear it from us. Whatever your flavour, there’s a little something for everybody underneath the Moonlight.

Hog the limelight at Centre Stage - Gran Canaria

On an average evening this intimate bar is usually packed to the gills with partygoers looking for a great night out that’s a little off the beaten path. Overhead, televisions play classic movies while speakers blast much-loved musical theatre tunes, often with the staff leading crowds in mass singalongs.

A hint of Ireland at Paddy's Bar Maspalomas

If the sea had a doorstep, Paddy’s Bar would be sitting on it. Underneath the sun on a warm afternoon or from a cosy booth with a cold Guinness in hand, visitors enjoy a little taste of Ireland at this friendly waterfront bar.

See the cabaret at Bar Junior GC

Located in the always bustling Yumbo Centre, this bar hosts live entertainment like cabaret nights and drag acts. Here, locals and tourists alike spread out at the large bar and sip from draught beers and homemade sangria.

Rock out hard at Turbo Pub

Did you know that no nightlife scene is complete without a metal bar? Now you do! Lucky for Maspalomas, Turbo Pub is just that – they don’t call it ‘turbo’ for nothing – an authentic metal bar whose DJ specialises in taking rock music requests to please your metal-craving ears while you enjoy a drink from their spirits list.

Sing along at Macho Macho Bei Andre

If you hear Dutch and German tunes blasting somewhere from the second floor of the Yumbo Centre, odds are, it’s coming from Macho Macho Bei Andre. At this vibrant bar, enjoy a drink while dancing to international tunes – if you don’t know the words, mouthing along is both perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

Make merry at Aqua Ocean Club

This massive venue screams primetime Spanish clubbing, with a vast outdoor terrace, regular live entertainment and we’re not talking a lone guitarist – think full-piece band, serious neon back-lighting and bars overflowing with your favourite cocktails.

Go loco at Coco Loco Gran Canaria

Also nestled within the Yumbo Centre, this popular party spot starts strong in the early evening and only gets better as the night goes on. Here is where you’ll find a wildly fun playlist, outdoor terrace and drag entertainment. You’ll only know it’s nearing closing time when the sun starts to rise.