A guide to the best restaurants in Jandia

Holidays in Fuerteventura offer ample dining opportunities. Bursting with flavour, Jandia offers you a wide range of restaurants that serve all kinds of delicacies. Whether you want to taste true Spanish tapas, long for a steak or want to cool with an ice cream, Jandia has some mouthwatering menus. Here’s our pick of the best eateries in town.

Speciality days at Bar Parada

In the centre of Pajara is Bar Parada, which usually serves exquisite home-made tapas. But that’s not all. On Fridays you can expect traditional fish soup in the evenings. On Sundays you should look out for their notoriously delicious paella.

Canarian at the Restaurante la Puntilla Casa Menso

For a full Canarian cuisine experience, try Restaurante la Puntilla Casa Menso. With a friendly atmosphere, locally caught fish and attentive staff, you’ll get the full taste of Canarian eating. Be careful though, you may find it hard to go anywhere else.

Fast food at Zampa

Burgers, chips and chicken drumsticks so juicy you’ll find your mouth watering. That’s what’s on this gastro-pub’s menu, alongside fresh salads and scrumptious cakes. Whether you want a quick lunch or a full dinner, make sure you wash it all down with their mojitos.

Get intimate at Trattoria Restaurante Chinchorro

With fabulous seafood spaghetti and friendly staff, Trattoria Restaurante Chinchorro outdoes itself making sure your night is perfect. The chef himself sometimes comes and checks your food is to your satisfaction. You may even find yourself serenaded by a trio of musicians!

Modern mastery at El Camino Taberna

Dine off slate plates in the contemporary El Camino Taberna. Choose from tapas, steak, fish, burgers and many other delicacies. With a laid back, child-friendly atmosphere, you won’t feel pressured to eat and leave. Instead, take the time to taste the flavours the chefs have developed in their meals.

Proper Pizza at L'Aperipizza

After trying the pizza at L’Aperipizza, there’s no going back. With a crispy crust and just the right amount of herbs in the topping, you’ll find yourself in pizza paradise. Although small and hidden away it is worth searching for. Oh, and the espresso is a must for coffee lovers.

Cool off with ice cream from Eisdealer

Eisdealer is well known, thanks to its place on the seafront. Their apple strudel or coffee flavour ice creams made with natural flavours are exquisite. And if ice cream doesn’t float your boat, try their home-made desserts, particularly the tiramisu.

Party with Tony's 2 Non Solo Cafe

With cheap breakfast coffee, crepe deals, tasty burgers and parties every Tuesday, what’s not to like at Tony’s 2 Non Solo Cafe? The free Wi-Fi and friendly staff make this a regular haunt for young adults. With both friendly customers and staff, it’s easy to join them all drinking crisp mojitos and eating from the free grill.

Karaoke in B Side Cafe Fuerteventura

Alongside Italian cuisine and friendly staff, B Side Cafe Fuerteventura likes to have fun. For anyone who wants to belt out their favourites, they have a well-stocked karaoke section, so you can sing your way through the night.

Tempting tapas at La Bodega De Jandia

If you’d like to try authentic tapas at reasonable prices during Fuerteventura holidays, La Bodega De Jandia is the place to go. Their friendly staff even take the time to explain the comprehensive menu. Whatever else you order, make sure you try the Canarian potatoes or the dates in bacon – and wash it down with a glass of sangria, of course!