Surfing Colors Hotel Apartments

The apartments of the Surfing Colors Hotel Apartments are fresh and modern with surf-themed walls. Everything about this hotel centres on the sea, so as well as nautical themed rooms, you’ll also find an on-site surf school.

Within the apartment, there’s a well-stocked kitchenette for mealtimes, but a couple of authentic Spanish eateries are only a few minutes away if you don’t fancy cooking.

Outside, there are two cube-shaped pools that are sunken into a huge sun terrace that’s lined with loungers and thatched parasols. The smaller one is just for kids who will have plenty of opportunity to splash and paddle. Close by, there’s also a bar serving drinks and snacks.

During your stay, you’ll find a lovely choice between relaxation and adrenaline-filled sports. Yoga and Pilates classes will keep you Zen, but the surf school provides high-octane fun.

Overview of Corralejo

In the north of Fuerteventura, you’ll find the island’s most popular town. In Corralejo, you’ll discover a modern resort centre as well as an old town to explore, so you’ll have the best of both worlds during your holiday to Fuerteventura.

The town is set next to the picturesque Parque Natural de Corralejo, so during the day it appeals to surfers and explorers alike thanks to its bohemian feel. After dark, it boasts the best nightlife on an otherwise quiet island.

With a stay at the Surfing Colors Hotel Apartments, you’ll spend your days enjoying the beaches, trying your hand at water sports and exploring the surrounding natural landscape.

Things to do in Corralejo

The Surfing Colors Hotel Apartments is in a laid-back spot that’s close to the beach and only 10 minutes away from Corralejo’s pretty harbour.

As there’s a surf school on-site, you can work on your skills and rent a board before taking a short stroll to the beach. Here, the waves are perfect for performing tricks. If you’d rather relax on the sands, you can gaze out towards the mysterious island of Los Lobos.

Corralejo offers a beautiful mix of the modern and the traditional. Canarian architecture sits alongside modern restaurants that provide an excellent choice of family-friendly places, as well as small, intimate spots ideal for a candlelit dinner for two. After dark, you won’t find Ibiza-style clubs, but there are plenty of places where you can grab a cocktail and enjoy the view.

A large and busy tourist resort, Corralejo showcases Fuerteventura at its stunning best. From white beaches to luscious national parks and waves perfect for adrenaline junkies, there’s something for everyone here.

Resort Summary

Perhaps the most significant reason for Corralejo’s popularity is its fantastic stretch of beach and the beautifully clear sea that lies beyond it, awaiting you on All Inclusive Fuerteventura holidays. All the boxes are ticked here – clear blue waters, pristine sand and dunes that stretch out for miles. There are good reasons behind the tourist boom that Corralejo has enjoyed.

As well as the beaches, there are also other kinds of natural beauty to be found in Corralejo and the surrounding area. Corralejo sits on the northern tip of Fuerteventura and looks upon the island of Los Lobos, a calm and beautiful refuge full of interesting plant and animal life.

Corralejo belongs to the municipality of La Olivia, which is home to an enormous nature park defined by its mountainous, volcanic landscape and the unique species of animals living there. Despite its humble origins, Corralejo is now the most popular tourist destination on the island of Fuerteventura, and offers a variety of experience to suit holidaymakers of all ages and expectations.