Bella Vista Beach Club Hotel

Whether you’re holidaying with friends, family or here for a romantic getaway, the Bella Vista Beach Club is bound to suit. It’s set right on the beach and has plenty of on-site activities and entertainment. And because you’re based at the edge of a forest, there are lots of walking and cycling trails to explore. Sinemorets is a 15-minute walk away, with the beach just a few steps from the front of the hotel. At the resort, you’ll find a huge circular pool, as well as a wide-ranging buffet restaurant. There’s even a luxury spa, where you can enjoy the sauna, gym, treatments and hot tubs. There’s also a kids’ club for little ones, and a full range of evening entertainment, from traditional Bulgarian dances to magic acts.

Overview of Sinemorets, Bulgaria

Holidays to Bulgaria are a tale of two extremes. While the northern coast of Sunny Beach may be all about all-night parties, to the south, Sinemorets has a slower, more chilled-out vibe. With endless countryside and quiet sandy beaches, this relaxing town gives you a taste of real Bulgaria. Beautiful beaches are everywhere in Sinemorets, and the winding Veleka River creates plenty of rambling trails for hikers. The Bella Vista Beach Club exudes a relaxing atmosphere, making it the perfect place to base yourself while you’re holidaying in this beautiful part of Bulgaria. When you’re not at the resort, head off the beaten track for the best sunbathing spots, or watch the sunset at the seaside lagoon – where you might spot some of Bulgaria’s famous wildlife.

Things to do in Sinemorets, Bulgaria

The two most popular attractions near the Bella Vista Beach Club are the Veleka River and the range of nearby beaches. You can take boat excursions along the river, and enjoy fishing and wildlife safaris. There’s also riverside biking and hiking trails, as well as Strandja Forest to explore. The northern beach in Sinemorets is a must-see. It formed where the river meets the sea, resulting in powder-soft sand and transparent emerald waters. You can either relax and enjoy the views or try kayaking or fishing. Exploring the Strandzha Nature Park is another great day out. It seems hardly touched by human civilisation, so it’s easy to forget anyone else exists while you roam around. You can take guided tours or hire your own 4×4 to get around. Staying in Sinemorets, Bulgaria, is perfect for escaping from the fast pace of modern life. You can enjoy gorgeous scenery, unique beaches and traditional cultures, all while staying in a comforting, welcoming resort.

Resort Summary

The buzzing clubs and bars of Sunny Beach haven’t made their way down to Sinemorets – so think bright green forests and sparkling seas, rather than strobe lighting and neon signs. There’s an abundance of nature in and around this Bulgarian village, so even a quiet walk by the river could lead to an unforgettable experience. If you follow the snaking Veleka River to where it meets the sea, you could see anything from lynxes skulking through the undergrowth to falcons soaring above the tall trees. You’ll want to head northeast from Sinemorets to see an interesting geological formation called The Ships. These offshore cliffs look like man-made structures. At sunrise and sunset, you’ll realise why this is one of Bulgaria’s most photogenic spots.