A guide to the best restaurants in C'an Picafort

Ca’n Picafort is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Majorca. So it should come as no surprise that it boasts some truly tasty treats from its various pubs, restaurants and cafes. As with most places on the island, many of the restaurants in Ca’n Picafort source fresh, local and organic ingredients. Here’s our pick of some of the best restaurants in Ca’n Picafort, where you can sit down and tuck in to what the island has to offer – a bounty of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables which are unbeatable in taste.

Wonderful service at Restaurante Vinicius

Vinicius is the classic family-friendly restaurant that you’ll want to return to again and again. They open from 9am, when they serve great big breakfasts, until late evening when the last of their patrons is suitably fed and watered. Vinicius offers a huge choice of Mediterranean and international cuisine for grown ups and kids, to suit any taste.

Share the experience at La Pinta

The tapas at La Pinta is really something – think traditional Spanish platters influenced by Asian flavours – and it’s excellent value too. La Pinta gives you the chance to try something a little different and you can wash it down with a frosty beer in the sun, with the sea in plain view.

Take your time at Rapha's La Terracita

Rapha’s will fill you up and look good while doing it. Towers of calamari and freshly sliced cured meats are served up on slabs of slate with a selection of mouthwatering sides. For a really hearty dish, look no further than their incredible paella dishes, which come piled high with rice, fish, meat and vegetables.

Sun down at Don Denis

Sit yourself under the setting sun for a relaxing meal at Don Denis while watching the yachts bobbing up and down in the harbour. The relaxed atmosphere will have you feeling at home and the wholesome, yet elegantly presented, platters of food will leave you satisfied.

Restaurante Monaco is a fresh way to eat

Enter Restaurante Monaco, a stylish-but-understated little restaurant on a corner in Ca’n Picafort. This place is highly rated by travellers for its top quality services and tasty dishes. The pizzas come especially recommended by visitors to Restaurante Monaco and are loaded with fresh ingredients from the local area.

Just like mamma used to make, at Pizzeria Trattoria Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia’s provides a genuine slice of Italy in the form of perfect pizzas, crispy bruschetta, risotto from Rome or gnocci from Naples. Pizzeria Trattoria Mamma Mia! also doubles up as a cocktail bar, so you can wet your whistle with one of their expertly-prepared creations while you make that difficult decision between pizza and pasta.

A taste of class at Restaurante Marisco

Both the food and the wine is absolutely excellent in Restaurante Marisco. These lovely little dining rooms bring you the freshest seafood, lathered in tasty sauces, all prepared fresh from what the island has to offer. Settle yourself in for a nice, relaxing meal at this stylish and modern restaurant.

Mar y Paz is everything you need and more

Food, drink and good music – Mar y Paz is a restaurant that boasts all of these things. Fun for the whole family and a great place to go out late at night too, Mar y Paz serves quality food at competitive prices. What’s more, you couldn’t be closer to the sea if you tried. Plus there’s a swimming pool, as if there wasn’t enough to keep you occupied already.

Horitzo Cafe – Not just a cocktail place

Primarily a cocktail bar, Horitzo has soared high up the ranks of restaurants in Ca’n Picafort for its great lunch menu. If you’re looking for the most exciting and creative cocktails in the area and would like to soak up all that drink with some tasty treats, then pop by Horitzo Cafe for a bite to eat.

Trotters Bar – lovely jubbly

Trotters Bar is your go-to for all things British. If you’re after a fry up after a late night, or a good Sunday roast, then look no further. You’ll find steak and chips cooked to perfection, just like back home. The only difference is, the sun is shining and you’re getting a tan – now that’s paradise.