Nightlife in Arenal

It’s no secret that the nightlife in Arenal is widely regarded as the area’s biggest draw. It has a vibrant array of energetic nightclubs and cosy British pubs, and even a beachside chill out spot or two. The area welcomes lots of German tourists each year, so often the nightly entertainment and venues cater to this crowd. When it comes to things like towering beer steins and cool gardens, we’re pretty sure those can be enjoyed by everyone.

Truly mega at The MegaPark

The MegaPark takes beer on the beach to a whole new level, with daily happy hours and – we’re not joking here – a half-hour in which the beer is completely free of charge. The venue is essentially a giant beer tent with tables and benches, on which you’ll be encouraged to dance. Drinking from large beer steins is the main attraction, but the venue regularly has live music as well.

Unwind in style at Bahia Bar

Located along the waterfront promenade and a world away from Arenal’s music clubs, the Bahia Bar adds a peaceful alternative to the town’s after-hours scene. You can grab a few bar nibbles while you sit on the outdoor terrace, and the sangria is not to be missed – it’s best shared with a loved one as you watch the sunset.

Lively nights at The Beach House

This small venue is often packed with young party-goers looking to experience one of the Beach House’s famous nights out. Things are kept energetic here with live DJ sets all night long, rainbow drinks in tall glasses and the staff dancing on the bar tops.

Laid-back living at Bierexpress

Bierexpess is a great place to grab an ice-cold drink and settle into a booth for the night. Set just off the beach, the music here is carefully selected and not too loud, so you can have a conversation with your friends and family while you sip.

Unique decor at 4711 Kolsch Pub

The 4711 Kolsch Pub is a quirky spot to the say the least, with interesting decor such as flags, posters, jerseys and medals covering almost every wall and even the ceiling. It’s nice and cosy, with a television playing live sports and a bar serving cold, crisp beers. There’s also an outdoor terrace to grab a breath of fresh air and enjoy a warm, Arenal night.

Happy hour action at Oberbayen

Just next door to the vast MegaPark is the Oberbayern, a slightly smaller but equally energetic counterpart. Visitors flock here for daily happy hour deals, plus night-time entertainment ranging from DJ sets and go-go girls to live performances.

A bit of Britain at The Liverpool Bar

This British pub, as you can imagine, is strongly in support of Liverpool FC, but welcomes even the least football-inclined visitor. Aside from live sporting matches on television, you can get a glass of your favourite beer as well as some local brews on tap. And if you find yourself in need of a good breakfast after a big night out, the Liverpool Bar also serves a top full English.

Stay all night at Heineken's Bar

With a cherry wood bar like the old British greats and named after the famous beer, Heineken’s Bar is an excellent spot to stop in for a pint after a day at the beach. It might look like an unassuming bar at first, but people stick around here throughout the night, so the party only gets bigger as the morning nears.

Feel good at The Joy Palace

This lively dance club is hard to resist with a name like The Joy Palace. There’s a flat entrance fee to get in, which includes drinks. While enjoying the cocktails and beers you can dance to music from live DJs spinning genres from house to Latin and get involved in the crowd contests.

Glitz and glam at Bamboleo Biergarten

The Bamboleo is a massive, casino-inspired venue with rows of televisions broadcasting live sports and colourful bulbs decking the ceilings. It’s often packed, but this keeps the atmosphere electric throughout the night. As you might have guessed by the name, this biergarten also has an outdoor area for drinking beer and other beverages in the night air.