Alua hawaii ibiza Hotel

When you stay at the Alua Hawaii Ibiza Hotel, you’ll be right on Es Puet Beach. You’ll find luxurious touches everywhere here, but the highlight here is undoubtedly the pool that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. And, next door, there’s a separate pool for the children.

For mealtimes, head to the buffet restaurant for a massive selection of food that covers all international cuisine – you can even see you meal prepared before your eyes at the show-cooking stations. In the evening, be sure to visit to the sunset-view terrace that comes has Bali beds and a cocktail bar.

Overview of San Antonio Bay

Alua Hawaii Ibiza Hotel is in the centre of San Antonio Bay. The quieter sister of San Antonio Town, it’s much loved by families, friends and couples who enjoy the calm atmosphere but still like to have entertainment on their doorstep.

Most holidays to Ibiza focus on the beach, and that is certainly true in San Antonio Bay. Here, you can lounge peacefully, take part in water sports or sit and watch the best sunset on the island. For the ultimate relaxing break, you can enjoy a beach crawl across the five bays, and know there’s a bar crawl also available only a short stroll away in San Antonio Town.

Things to do in San Antonio Bay

The only thing that separates the Alua Hawaii Ibiza Hotel from the beach is a promenade. But it’s worth taking a break from relaxing on the beach to stroll along the promenade and into the heart of San Antonio Town, 15 minutes away.

Now famous for its nightlife, San Antonio Town transformed over the past 30 years from a small fishing village to a destination world-class DJs flock to. Relaxing by day, the music really cranks up a notch in the evening when the party truly begins.

The home to shallow, calm and paddling-friendly waters, San Antonio Bay is a place to relax and unwind, knowing that lively entertainment is just around the bay.

Resort Summary

The area is, in fact, made up of more than one sandy bay, so when you decide to take a stroll away from All Inclusive hotels Ibiza, you get to take your pick of places to lounge peacefully, take part in water sports or sit and watch the best sunset on the island. The shoreline has a good scattering of cool bars, cafes and restaurants, which generally keep things on the down-low. You can see the big clubs and party bars of San Antonio Town across the water, and might want to try a few while you’re there, but they’re far enough away so you can’t hear them.