A guide to nightlife in Zell Am See

Days in Zell am See don’t end when the lake clears out – nights here are as bustling as ever, with bars, clubs, pubs and everything in between. For the best nights out in this corner of Austria, check out these top after-hours spots.

Handmade cocktails at Ginhouse

The Ginhouse is Zell am See’s resident cocktail bar, something you’ll pick up on the moment you walk through the door. That’s because the walls behind the massive bar are positively lined with bottles of spirits, ripe and ready for whipping up drinks like pisco sours, sloe gins and DIY gin and tonics. Plus, there’s table football and TV for maximum entertainment.

Back home vibes at Murray's Irish Bar

For a taste of the UK on a holiday to the Alps, Murray’s Irish Bar is at your service, ready with sports on the telly and a fresh pint of Guinness at the bar. You’ve also got continental bottled beers, wine and ciders on tap as well, plus darts and classic bowls to keep you going.

Endless dancing at Insider Bar

Neon-lit and packed to the gills, Insider Bar is the place to go for a lively night of mingling. Party the night away to dance hits, plus the occasional live musician. Whatever you do, get ready to move. And enjoy a cocktail from the bar’s long list of drinks – that’s important too.

Light shows at K1 Club

K1 Club is your late-night party venue, right in the heart of Zell am See. It combines all the best features of a big night out – light shows, loud, thumping music and a whole lot of dancing, not to mention cocktails in abundance. There’s a DJ on hand to keep the party going too, but the neon lighting should keep you on the dance floor until the early hours.

DJ nights at Villa Crazy Daisy

Villa Crazy Daisy might function as a restaurant during the day, but come night-time it turns into an all-out party haven. It has those cosy ski lodge vibes with a dark wood bar and a whole lot of beer on the menu. Live music and guest DJs make an appearance too, which means you could quickly find yourself spending an especially long night here.

Themed parties at TOMS Bar & Lounge

TOMS Bar & Lounge is a sleek little number that’s small in size but big in personality. You’ll find the occasional themed night here, with DJs and music, though there always seems to be a lively atmosphere in these parts. On tap are pints of beer, wine and cocktails, not to mention live sporting matches on TV.

Darts tournaments at Cafe Pub DaDa

Darts are the name of the game at this lively pub. The huge range of dartboards – found inside and out – give it away. You won’t need to be a dart champion to enjoy yourself here, as beer and wine are big on the menu, plus a whole lot of dancing and music.

Rowdy lodge nights at Dorfschenke Schuttdorf

If you’ve ever wanted to literally hang from the chandelier at a bar, you’ve finally found your chance. Dorfschenke Schuttdorf is a lively spot, to say the least, with endless dancing, both on the tables and off. This spot is heavy on the lodge-vibes with an all-wood interior, though the beer and cocktails are in a league of their own.

Live music at Baumbar

Live acts are almost always on the menu at Baumbar, whether they’re DJs or performers. The place looks a little rustic, but neon lights keep things on the modern side, as do weekly themed parties. Baumbar is one of those spots that stays open way late. So if you’re planning an Austria holiday, be assured you can head here when all the other bars have shut for the night.