A guide to nightlife in St Anton

With its small town style, surrounded by beautiful mountains, St Anton is a peaceful place to holiday. That said, come nightfall it transforms into a vibrant world of music and celebration, from folk bands to techno and everything in between. Keep our recommendations in mind when you’re out and about on your St Anton holiday.

Party all night at the Mooserwirt Bar

There’s local slang for the kind of giddy feeling this bar gives you, and it’s called ‘Mooserwirt Syndrome’. This is partying at its hardest, but in a stylish lodge building surrounded by gorgeous mountains, typical of Austria holidays. Drinking at sunset then dancing to dawn is the norm here, with cheap, tasty schnapps and DJs spinning euro-techno beats.

Feel the sunshine at Bar Cuba

Although you’re pretty far from the Caribbean here, Bar Cuba definitely captures the feeling. Lively Latin tunes provide the perfect backing music to your pool trick shots, and the cheap deals on offer make it even more appealing. The cocktails are also well worth checking out if you get a chance.

Keep it classy at Anton Bar

While DJs light up the dancefloor here on plenty of big nights throughout the year, Anton Bar typically takes the form of an enjoyable night out that doesn’t end in heartbreak and hangovers. Coupled with a stylish interior, this makes for a more measured night of drinking – although it’s sports on the big screen offer a laid-back vibe.

Get warm and cosy in Scotty's Bar

There’s a good range of food to be had if you’re getting peckish over a pint at Scotty’s Bar, with pizzas and burgers a particular highlight. It’s the affordable ales and table football that tend to draw the crowds though, thanks to its handsome pub feel both inside and out.

Sink your teeth into Fanghouse

Rich wooden interiors make Fanghouse warm and welcoming, with an international team behind the bar to cater to its world-wide customers. This is one of the cheapest bars in town, yet doesn’t skimp on the details for it. Great countryside views make drinks outside appealing in any weather.

See live bands at Murrmel Bar

Those who’ve tried the upbeat bars in St Anton and prefer a more mellow option are sure to appreciate the live bands, golden oldies and folk tunes on offer at Murrmel Bar. It helps that the beers come in big jars and are extremely affordable, while a selection of light bites keep energy levels up as you dance into the evening.

Small but mighty, Pub 37

The number in the name is said to describe how many people can fit in this small-yet-welcoming pub. It’s popular with British holidaymakers looking for a taste of home and is decked out like the finest local, but luckily the beers here are a bit more affordable. A good selection of draughts and ciders means there’s a tipple for everyone.

Sip some plonk at Niki's Weinbar

It’s sumptuously modern in Niki’s Weinbar, which suits its wine bar status. Luckily the pricing is decent, as is the wide range of wines and vintages on offer. While gourmet cuisine keeps the early evening crowd satisfied, the white wines, alongside the red and rose options, are the real stars of the show. Knowledgeable staff know exactly how to match your palate too.

Rock out at Heustadl

Located just outside the town centre and surrounded by lush hills, woodland and valleys, this lodge turned rock bar is more than pale ales away from the bustle. In fact, it’s one of the biggest live music venues in St Anton, drawing huge crowds to witness local rock bands strut their stuff on an impressive stage.

Get some clubbing action at Postkeller

Postkeller packs plenty of excitement into one compact space, with blue and purple lights giving everything inside a cool edge. The music is loud, whether it’s from band performances or DJ turntables, and you can choose from a range of cocktails and colourful shots. Expect to leave at dawn, danced out and happy.