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Soll is the ultimate mountain resort, with hikes up the Hohe Salve and summer huts scattered across its rolling green hills. Add to it a network of cable cars connecting Soll to five other equally gorgeous regions, and you can consider the door to Austria’s natural wonders wide open.

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Heart and Soll

Stashed away in the Tyrolean Alps in western Austria, Soll might look like a little mountain resort sitting on its own, but it’s actually a destination that’s very well connected. Linked by a system of cable cars, Soll is part of Austria’s biggest resort network, grouping together six mountain areas in one.

So in addition to hikes on the peaks of Hohe Salve, family days at Hexenwasser’s natural outdoor park and evenings at an Austrian gastropub, you’ve got a whole handful of Austrian holiday destinations just at the other end of the cable car wire, waiting to be explored.

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    With Soll’s resident peak Hohe Salve on hand, standing tall at just over 1,800 metres, outdoor adventures are always on the menu. Add to the fact that the conical mountain is accessible via an incredibly comprehensive set of cable cars and we’re truly in business.

    At the top of the Hohe Salve sits a teeny little chapel, suitably steeped in myth. This is also where you’ll find a full-blown restaurant and Austria’s very first revolving deck, making panoramic views more effortless than ever.

    Needless to say, hiking on Hohe Salve during your holiday to Austria is very much encouraged. The mountain’s steep nature makes these walks a little challenging at times, but they’re nothing a good pint back in the village won’t cure. Plus, Hohe Salve’s conical shape makes it a top jumping-off point for paragliders, so adrenaline junkies can suit up and steal a once-in-a-lifetime glance of Austria’s mountainous landscape.

    Austria's biggest mountain adventure

    Speaking of mountainous landscapes, Soll is unique in that it’s connected to what’s known as the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental region. A collection of six natural ‘theme parks’ connected via cable cars, making up the largest of its kind in the country.

    The cable cars run through the whole of summer, from May to October. The Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental region consists of two spots in Soll, including the Hohe Salve and the Hexenwasser station, Ellmi´s Zauberwelt, KaiserWelt Scheffau, Lake Filzalm and Alpinolino.

    Travelling between resorts and attractions is easier than ever. Once there, the possibilities are endless. On a summer holiday to Austria here you can fish at Lake Filzalm, explore the 50 stations hosting displays on the areas’ flora and fauna or hike through the more than 700 kilometres of trails.

    Family-friendly Soll

    Soll is as much of a family destination as it’s an outdoorsmans dream, so if you’re travelling with little ones, you’re in luck. Not only are there children’s attractions scattered across Soll but the wider Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental region.

    Located on Hohe Salve at the Hexenwasser station in particular is a natural waterpark known as Witches’ Water. Creepy name aside, it’s filled with attractions the whole family can get onboard with, from a barefoot path, where you’re encouraged to walk through streams and across different terrains sans shoes and socks, to a bee theatre and an indoor area.

    What’s more, the transportation are well equipped for prams and wheelchairs, so the entire family can take part. These same cable cars often run promotions offering free passes for kids under a certain age, so you’d be wise to check in advance to see if you can save a few pennies in your strudel fund.

    Mountainside dining

    Soll might be small in size as far as resorts go, but it offers a wide range of dining options for a holiday destination of its stature. Wherever you go, you’re most likely to find a healthy heap of Austrian and wider European fare on the menu, coming at you in the form of gastropubs and lodge-like quarters.

    There’s also a place in Soll’s menus for a little more variety in the form of Indian restaurants and Mediterranean spots specialising in pizza. Mountain huts provide convenient cuisine if you’re just coming down from Hohe Salve, and can serve up a well-deserved drink after a hike.

    But dining in Soll needn’t be ordinarily – on the contrary, with Hohe Salve on the horizon, there’s the mountain top restaurant available for meals with a view, plus a unique picnic breakfast opportunity served across 24 of the region’s rustic huts, each one offering its own local twist.


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