Seefeld Holidays 2024/2025

From farming towns to one of the Tyrolean region’s most beloved resorts, Seefeld is everything that’s right about a holiday to Austria. Immerse yourself in its spellbinding valleys and enticing streets as you relax and rejuvenate in style.

Seefeld Holiday Deals

The treasure of the Tyrolean valleys

Tucked 1,200 metres above sea level and with a population of less than 3,500, Seefeld is a hidden gem in the Tyrol region of Austria. Its farming legacy lives on in the design work of the local shops and houses. It’s no wonder holidaymakers flock here with character and charm on every street corner, you’ll find this small village makes for the perfect winter getaway.

Seefeld may earn its stripes as the ultimate winter holiday destination, but it’s just as popular in the summer months with a wide range of outdoor activities and family fun.

Getting outdoors all year round

Winter sports are popular in Seefeld, with toboggans and sled rides at your fingertips. Not to mention it’s a great ways to see the sights once the snow hits. When the powder isn’t packed though, Seefeld remains a massively popular Austrian hotspot, especially for those of us who love the wilderness.

For golf fans the secluded and challenging 18-hole golf course in nearby Wildmoos is a firm favourite among sports fanatics. Meanwhile, hikers get stuck into any number of designated walking trails, many of them roped for firm routes that make the most of the views and vistas surrounding you. One of them, ending by Lake Wildsee, encouraging visitors to jump into the cool water of the lake itself for a paddle out in natures finest.

If you’re enjoying a holiday to Austria with the kids in tow, Seefeld has you covered with less strenuous and demanding pursuits. One of the most popular of these is Otzi Hutte Lodge, which has its own playground and a big zoo. Cycling tours are also a brilliant option to get the lay of the land with your loved ones.

Small town living

The beautiful open layout of Seefeld with its little fairy tale houses and friendly locals, makes it distinctive even among similar little alpine towns across Austria. One of the most beloved landmarks is the Seekirchl church, which awaits visitors making their way through the town’s entrance.

Such scenic surroundings make it clear why Seefeld enjoys its annual Christmas market so much, with inviting streets proving a brilliant venue for this yearly festive shindig. Local craftsmen and women, as well as plenty of talented folks from surrounding communities join forces to make Seefeld a rosy and cosy centre for lights, colour and warmth during these times.

That said, Seefeld charms all year round. Spas and yoga treatments high in mountain retreats make for superb ways to rejuvenate yourself after a long day hiking, or even fresh after your plane journey. In the summer the town comes alive on every windowsill with flowers of every colour, blue skies, and clean air that inspires exploration. Doing so by horse and carriage is a romantic way to travel, letting you trace the tapestry of these streets as well as explore the countryside.

Joining the community

With all this wonderful appeal, it makes sense you’ll want to explore the story behind Seefeld’s charm. The Olympic and Nostalgia Museum, adjoining the popular Rosshutte Panorama Restaurant, celebrates Seefeld’s connection to winter sports, but also its truer lineage as a farming community and fishermans’ town.

Speaking of restaurants, Authentic Austrian cuisine is never hard to come by, and its some of the finest too. Plangger Delikatessen keeps it nice and simple with broad platters of cured meats and smoked Bavarian cheeses, while a more robust meal can be found in Restaurant Wildmoos Alm, whose goulash is locally adored.

When the sun goes down the fun needn’t stop. Seefeld might not be Ibiza, but it sure does give it a run for its money. If you prefer those after dark antics to mimic the kind found back home, head to the Britannia Pub, or seek a more authentic Tyrolean night of local ales and folk music at Gasthof Neuleutasch.


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