A guide to nightlife in Saalbach

With alpine restaurants and a charming old town feel, Saalbach does plenty to attract day visitors during their holidays to Austria. Warm pubs serving cool beers and classy lounge bars with live music are the order of the day, and there’s some clubs thrown in too.

Meet the locals at Bobby's Pub

Every community needs that one pub where everyone knows your name. Even as a visitor to Saalbach, you’ll get that feeling at Bobby’s. The staff will be on first name basis with you in no time with banter and laughs, while the pints are cool and frothy. Rich wooden beams make for a cosy interior, while rugby or football fan watch the big screen.

Say hola to Mango's Cantina y Bar

While it wears its Cuban pride on its sleeve, here’s a little secret… the team running Mango’s are Dutch. That does nothing to sway the fine flavours of cocktails they shake here though, and you can expect salsa dancing and spicy snacks that are a far cry from the alpine world typical of Austrian breaks.

Meet the family at Burgi's Bar

There’s something authentic about a family-run bar, and the small but perfectly formed Burgi’s Bar lives up to that reputation. With a good mix of beers both by the bottle and on tap, there’s reason enough to drop in during your night out, but the wine list and the spirits are what keep people coming back.

Sip some bubbly at Spitzbub

This central venue is often lit up in cool blue neon at night, although you’re just as likely to find it warmly lit to bring out the wooden walls. Either way, it’s a top place for affordable drinks and a cheeky bit of bubbly.

Feel relaxed at Eva

Situated in the heart of town with great views of the surrounding mountains, Eva is easily found. It may look like a log cabin, but it’s modern in both service and facilities. Drinking outside on the heated terrace is a popular pastime after dark, while events light up the calendar all year round so you’re sure to stumble upon a party.

Party hard at Otzi Bar

A neon door in a white wall is your gateway to the partying and fun Otzi Bar promises. Live DJ sets and rock bands are often found here, alongside colourful cocktails and plenty of pints. Themed nights are another mainstay of this place, so don’t be shy if hats and costumes come out to play.

Make your move at Nightbar Kuhstall

It’s easy to find this venue, as it’s right beside a Mexican restaurant and there’s a jolly sombrero-wearing statue outside. Nightbar Kuhstall is just as keen to make a splash indoors though, with its cow theme that has horns, hooves and happy bovine faces all over the walls. Luckily the beers are cheap and filling, so they’re not milking it.

Get jazzy at Pianobar Happy Saloon

Bright and airy inside with chunky Americana bar stools, jazz and soul music is celebrated in style here. There’s plenty more to enjoy besides though, including live music nights and a great selection of wines and spirits, all decently priced.

Feel tradition come alive in Hinterhag Alm

You’re taking a trip out to the hills for this one, but this alpine lodge bar is well worth the effort. Wooden and rustic, it’s warm and inviting, with frequent live music nights that draw in the crowds. Of course, the generous foaming pints keep you coming back too.

Make no excuses visiting Alibi Bar

The modern wooden front of Alibi Bar looks almost Scandinavian. Inside, expect a warm atmosphere with big smiles and even bigger drinks. Live music – from funk to rock –makes for a fun atmosphere come evenings. Here you can dance to both modern hits and golden oldies until the small hours.