Neuhaus Hotel

The Neuhaus Hotel has been one of Austria’s most popular hotels for years and it’s easy to see why.

There’s an outstanding menu of health, wellness and spa facilities set among extensive gardens. There’s also a big range of facilities and activities to take advantage of, including indoor and outdoor pools, a bowling alley and kids’ play areas.

The hotel also houses a restaurant that serves varied and delicious breakfasts and dinner buffets.

Overview of Mayrhofen

Mayrhofen is one of the most popular resorts in the Alps. The town itself sits between the Penken and Ahorn mountains. It’s high above the snow line, with gorgeous views and hiking trails.

In fact, it’s a popular place for a holiday to Austria all year round because its location means guests can take advantage of the great variety of summer and winter sports.

The Snowbombing music festival is also held in Mayrhofen each spring, and it’s a resort that’s particularly popular with the younger crowd at this time of year.

Things to do in Mayrhofen

The Neuhaus Hotel offers free bike hire, so you can head out and explore or take guided walks of the area.

The hotel’s also less than 10 minutes from the Penken gondola, which you can use to access mountain trails and see amazing local scenery. The Austrian Alps are a beautiful sight at any time of year and the Penken Mountain is known as ‘action mountain’ because there are so many activities to do. Paragliding and mountain biking are the main events, but you can also take scenic walks.

If you’d like to head elsewhere in Austria, Mayrhofen’s railway station is nearby.

Make sure you take your camera when you stay at the Neuhaus Hotel. The scenery’s truly stunning and you’ll want to capture every single view.

Resort Summary

The Austrian Alps are an incredible sight to behold at any time of the year. The Penken mountain, is situated in the centre of Mayrhofen and is fondly referred to as the ‘action mountain’ with jam-packed outdoor activities for families and adrenaline junkies. Take a cable car up to the top of this towering landmark and enjoy the views as you sore high above the trees.

Once you’ve reached the mighty peak you can join in with a whole range of activities. Paragliding and mountain biking are the main event, but you can also check out the Funballz, large inflatable balls which allow you to run on top of the Penken Reservoir.

The Ahorn mountains are easily accessible and sit in the centre of Mayrhofen, with cable cars fitting up to 160 people in each ride and taking you 2000 meters above sea level.