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Your Ultimate Guide to Zante

Of all the Greek islands, few have the same allure and evergreen appeal as Zante. Also known as Zakynthos, Zante is located in the Ionian Sea south of Kefalonia. And like many Greek islands, it’s a blend of open meadows, pretty villages, active coastal towns and unimaginably beautiful beaches. The nightlife on Zante may be how it found fame, but it’s got plenty else going for it too.

If you’re planning a Zante All Inclusive trip, take some of our tips on board to get up to speed with the basics. From where to go and what to see, to the island’s hidden treasures, we’ll help you step off the plane with confidence.

A bit about the beaches

There are beaches spread out across Zante that suit every kind of holidaymaker. That means that whatever time of year you choose to visit, and however you’re looking to spend your time on the shore, there’ll be a beach for you.

The beach at Tsilivi is a fantastic example of how Zante’s beaches can cater to everyone. It’s a Blue Flag beach, as many of Zante’s beaches are, so you know it’s going to be pristine in presentation and rich in natural beauty. It’s where families come to play, with restaurants and snacks shacks a short stroll away, but also where surfers and other watersports enthusiasts come to make the most of the waves here. Further along the coastline, you’ll also come across a section of the beach dedicated to towels and loungers, where a quieter and more soothing way to sunbathe can be yours.

Of course, there are plenty of other beaches on Zante to enjoy. If it’s beach parties you’re after, look no further than Laganas. This community is party central as far as Zante is concerned, and many of the bars and nightclubs host epic nights that spill out onto the shores until sunrise.

Meanwhile, for a shipwrecked beach experience, check out Navagio Beach, where you’ll share the sand with an old smuggler’s boat that ran ashore here many years ago.

Suneoclub Admiral, Tsilivi, Zante





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A slice of culture

Navagio Beach is one of the most photographed places in Zante, and it forms part of Smuggler’s Cove, which itself is one of the most serene places on the island. Tucked between two huge cliffsides, this beach can only be reached by special boat tours that cross the stunning crystal blue sea. Most of the major resorts on the island have boat links to this place though, and it’s as photogenic as can be.

In fact, the whole island has a good-looking charm to it that’s going to liven up your photo album. That’s true of the countryside for sure, but also of the various coastal communities that pepper Zante’s shores. Sunlit and friendly, they’re home to fantastic cuisine and a fair few family taverns where the ouzo, beers and sublime wines pour freely.

Of course, one of the communities where you’re likely to spend a good amount of time in Zante is in Zante Town itself. The island’s capital is home to some gorgeous places, including the Solomos Museum and the Byzantine Museum, as well as the Church of St Dionysios. If the hubbub of the city is a bit much though, you can head to smaller and more remote resorts like Tragaki. Set 10 minutes inland but with sea views and hills rich in olive groves, this is a more rural taste of Zante. Expect family recipes and wholesome days in the sun here.

Aqua Bay, Tsilivi, Zante





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Party like there’s no tomorrow

Of course, we can’t speak about Zante without going into its epic nightlife. This is one island where you can expect cocktails, dancing and bright lights until sunrise to be yours to enjoy every day of the week.

Laganas is where the majority of the most intense nightclubs do their business, roaring out techno and club classics long into the evening. You can expect most of them to stay open well beyond dawn, with drinks deals and plenty of cheap beers on tap to keep the fun coming. Massive venues like The Ghetto and Medousa often welcoming world class DJs, and clubs like Amnesia and Rescue keep the action alive alongside outside areas that are a bit more chilled out.

Of course, Zante is more than just nightclubs and neon. More traditional bars and pubs can be found across the island, from family tavernas where it’s sangrias and sing-songs, through to classy places where the finest vintages are poured. Community spirit is at its strongest somewhere like Argassi, a harbour town built at the foot of sumptuous Mount Skopos. The seafood you’ll dine on here was likely caught fresh that morning, and it’s also somewhere that boasts plenty of outdoor activities during the day. Think 4×4 tours and bicycle rides through the countryside.

 Katerina Palace Hotel, Argassi, Zante





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Out and about

In fact, as far as outdoor activities go, Zante definitely has you covered. Naturally, you can expect more varieties of boat tours or booze cruises than you can count, offering fantastic ways to get out onto the waves. But you’ll also have the opportunity to make the most of coastal trails and inland exploration too.

Not only that, but animal lovers will have everything they need to feel inspired. Zante is most famously home to the endangered loggerhead sea turtle, and you’ll find that organisations and volunteers across the island are helping the little guys come out of their shells and have fun on the beach. You’ll potentially have the chance to meet them yourself too, thanks to special initiatives in place across the island’s many beaches.

Dados Complex, Laganas, Zante





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Zante has tons to offer holidaymakers of all kinds, from families and relaxed couples to party troupes and adventurous spirits. Feel free to share your Zante holiday plans with us as you make your next big escape to this island.