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Your guide to holidaying in Santorini

Your guide to holidaying in Santorini

Santorini’s classic white-washed houses, built on towering cliffs over the Aegean Sea, have always been a popular postcard picture. There’s little more idyllic and more Grecian than this backdrop. Santorini is an island renowned for its beauty and romance, and great poets of the past have sung its praises over the centuries.

Its rugged landscape was formed after the eruption of a volcano, complete with a huge, now ocean-filled caldera crater, making this island a truly unique holiday experience. If you’re visiting this mythical and picturesque Greek island here’s our quick guide to making the most of your trip.


Fine dining

Santorini is not only a beautiful island but it also delivers a stunning range of local restaurants, serving up classic Greek dishes as well as international favourites. Santorini is known as being a classy and romantic island, so you’ll find plenty of fine dining spots, most with incredible views over the water and a quiet ambience.

If you’re a lover of wine you can also visit some of the very best vineyards on the Greek Islands, like Domaine Sigalas near Oia. The wine produced in Santorini is light, refreshing and fruity, and pairs perfectly with Greek cuisine.

Santorini restaurant

Get pampered

Known as one of the most glamorous and indulgent of the Greek islands, it’s no wonder that Santorini is home to some incredible health and wellness spas. You’ll find these spas all over the island including in many Santorini hotels and resorts, where you can peruse the weekly spa programs and visit day after day. Take, for example, the spa at Suites Of The Gods in
Megalochori, which has massage suites within the caverns of the old wine cellars.

The treatments in these first-class spas are all about pampering and relaxation, with a range of treatments from massages, facials and mud baths. Whatever type of spa package you’re looking for you’ll find it in Santorini.

El Greco Hotel

Santorini history and hot springs

Whether you’re visiting Santorini on honeymoon, as a family, with friends or just by yourself, there are plenty of things to do and see on the island. Santorini’s incredible landscape is number one on the list, and there’s no better way to explore the island then by diving into its history and visiting the archaeological site of Ancient Thira. These ruins are located on a rock headland called Mesa Vouna and give you incredible views down to the sea.

Once you’ve learned about Santorini’s historic past you can visit the volcanic hot springs. Hop on a tour boat to the small volcanic islands in the centre of the Caldera and walk among the active craters. These islands also have steaming hot springs you can take a dip in before returning back to Santorini.

Santorini caldera views

Beaches and sunsets

A holiday to Santorini wouldn’t be complete without visiting the island’s incredible volcanic beaches. There is nothing boring or average about these coastlines, instead of classic white sand they come in vibrant red with towering cliffs rising above you.

Red Beach is by far the most stunning beach on the island and is named after the dark-red tinged sand and steep red cliffs. Don’t worry though, you can do everything on a volcanic beach that you would normally do on holiday, including renting sunloungers and umbrellas and grabbing a bite to eat at a beach cantina.

Red Beach Santorini

Deals to Santorini

Fenix Collection, Perissa

Fenix Collection, Perissa, Santorini

Fenix Collection

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Perissa Bay Hotel, Perissa

Perissa Bay Hotel

Perissa Bay Hotel

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El Greco Hotel, Fira

El Greco Hotel

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Impressive One, Pyrgos

Impressive One

Whatever you decide to do while staying in Santorini one thing is a must – taking in the sunset from west-facing Oia. Thousands watch the fiery sun sink into the Aegean each year from this spot. It’s a sight you’ll never forget. If you’re planning on visiting Santorini let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below.