Your Big Blue Bucket List

Your Big Blue Bucket List

It can be easy to feel a bit blue at the minute, but the only blues we care about are the ones on holiday! From bright blue skies to blue lagoons and even entirely blue cities, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ‘blue’ destinations to add to that ever-growing bucket list. Which one will you go to?

The Blue Lagoon – Iceland

This otherworldly wonder was named as one of National Geographic’s ’25 wonders of the world’ – and it’s easy to see why. Just a 45-minute drive from the capital of Reykjavik, this geothermal spa is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations, drawing people from all around the world for the ultimate luxury spa experience.

These unique turquoise waters are a sublime sanctuary, serving up an enchanting experience that allows you to fully relax and unwind like never before. The special properties of the lagoon – namely the seemingly magical powers of silica and algae – mean you’ll leave feeling full cleansed and wonderfully rejuvenated. You can even opt for further indulgence with the likes of in-water massages.

The Blue Grotto – Capri, Italy

Located on the island of Capri in Italy’s Bay of Naples, this natural phenomenon is simply the result of sunlight passing through an underwater cave and creating a shimmering blue oasis, seemingly tucked away from the rest of the world.

You’ll board a rowboat where your captain will carefully maneuver you inside the cave to reveal the luminous waters in all their glory, creating a wonderfully natural, calm and tranquil setting. This enchanting sight is one of nature’s most beautiful creations, and once you’re sufficiently mesmerised, you can always hop off your boat and onto the island itself. Take a chair lift to the top of Mount Solaro for some of the best views of the island and finish it off with a shot of limoncello – bellissimo!

The ‘Blue Domes’ – Santorini, Greece

This one just had to be on the list! If you’ve ever seen a postcard of Santorini, it’s likely these iconic Blue Domes feature proudly on the front. They’ve made the area of Oia the most photographed place on the island, and it’s clear to see why – these distinctive buildings sit perfectly against the backdrop of the shimmering Aegean Sea.

We’re not kidding when we say this is a sight that will take your breath away – you’ll come away with snaps that’ll be the absolute envy of everybody you know. Santorini is essentially the result of an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed a formally single island – and the result has never looked so beautiful. Be prepared for awe-inspiring views of the famous Santorinian sunset.

The Blue City – Morocco

It’s not exactly clear why the Moroccan city of Chefchaouen is largely blue, but it’s so blindingly beautiful that no one seems to care. Nicknamed ‘the blue pearl of Morocco’, this city is peppered with gorgeous blue alleyways and blue-washed buildings in all shades of the colour; aqua, royal and sky.

Spend your day wandering through this colourful maze before feasting upon Moroccan specialties in one of the local restaurants. Make sure to leave some time to browse one of the many markets for trinkets and souvenirs to take home with you. This blip of blue in an otherwise green and beige landscape is certainly extraordinary.

Bio-luminescent Beaches – The Maldives

As if we even needed another reason to pack our bags and head to The Maldives! Normally famed for blindingly white beaches, The Maldives is also home to an amazing natural phenomenon that turns the night time ocean into a shimmering wave of stars as bright as the ones above.

Like most natural occurrences, such as the Northern Lights, you still have to be lucky to spot this sight on the shore. This amazing feat of nature is all a result of the bioluminescent plankton that is found in warm coastal waters, but they’re notoriously hard to predict. A luxury holiday to the Maldives is hardly a wasted trip though – so get yourself there and get out on the beach at night in the hope you’ll spot this electric sight.

Time to tick one off the bucket list?

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