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Owning a little piece of paradise – celebrity houses

The competition on ITV’s X Factor is hotting up. With the acts taken to the judges’ houses last weekend, we finally discovered which of the performers will enter the fray in the live shows on Saturday night. Of course, being travel experts, we didn’t just pay attention to the singing, or indeed the emotional reactions from the contestants (although there were plenty of them)! No, we couldn’t help but compare and contrast the various locations that the judges chose to take the singers….

From Antigua to St Tropez to Los Angeles, we truly got a slice of how the other half like to live, but unsurprisingly it’s not just X Factor judges who have purchased little pieces of paradise. Check out this list of celebs who have also chosen to settle in sunnier climes:

George Clooney: Drawn in by the glorious weather and delicious food, Mr Clooney bought a house in the gorgeous area of Lake Como in Italy. His 25-room villa boasts an outdoor theatre and a swimming pool, and he can natter over the garden fence with his next door neighbour Donatella Versace.

Being the good guy that he is, George opened up his house to the production team of Ocean’s Twelve, who filmed some of the scenes for the movie there.

John Travolta: A sucker for the Sunshine State, the Grease star has settled in glorious Florida. Getting back home is no problem for Mr Travolta, no matter where in the world he is, thanks to the little airport in his back garden with the Boeing 707 parked outside. You know, that old thing.

Naomi Campbell: Nicole Scherzinger isn’t the only star who has chosen to settle down in the Caribbean. Famous model Naomi Campbell owns a charming little 3 bedroom house on the island of Jamaica. Most people love to have an ocean view, but Miss Campbell has gone one step further and actually put her house on the water.

James Blunt: You might not necessarily imagine soft crooner James Blunt on the party island of Ibiza, but the singer has got a villa there allegedly worth around £1.7 million. His home is a 150-year-old building that is perched on top of a beautiful scenic hilltop and has 6 bedrooms, an outdoor pool and a pool house.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Hollywood’s golden couple own a gorgeous €5.5 million house on the beautiful little Greek Island of Santorini. With a population of just over 12,000, it is the perfect secluded spot for them to take a break from their hectic A-list lifestyles. Also be sure to pop round to theirs if you fancy a dip – they don’t just have one pool, they have two!

After seeing the X Factor judges’ houses last weekend which sun-drenched location would you like to move to? Let us know in the comments!