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The World’s Top Film and TV Locations

Always wanted to visit your favourite film or TV sets? Well, now’s your chance. With so many iconic filming destinations dotted across Europe and beyond you could be walking in the footsteps of your much loved fictional characters.

From Game of Thrones to Fast and Furious, take a look at some of the world’s best on-screen locations.

Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’re a Game of Thrones fanatic, a trip to Dubrovnik should be high up on your travel agenda. Just walking around this walled city will feel like you’re on a set, think terracotta roofs, ancient forts and Adriatic waters. With so many iconic locations dotted across the city’s Old Town, don’t worry they’ll be plenty of chance to react those sword-fighting scenes.

Sex and the City 2, Marrakech, Morocco

If the city of Morocco wasn’t intriguing enough, parts of Sex and the City 2 were shot here. Despite the film being set in Abu Dhabi, most of the movie was actually filmed in Marrakech. That’s right – those famous market scenes where you see Carry wondering through busy souks with shops selling just about everything took place inside the city’s famous Medina. So, you too could be wondering through the famous Jemaa el-Fna Square taking in scented spices and listening to traditional Moroccan music.

Friends, New York, USA

Nothing says New York City like the hit series Friends. Despite its chunk of fictional locations such as Central Perk and Monica and Chandler’s apartment, there are still real-life spots you can visit in New York City. Those famous exterior shots of the Friends apartment block can actually be found in Greenwich Village and of course, the famous Central Park.

The Hangover Part II, Bangkok, Thailand

Retrace your footsteps in the heart of Thailand’s colourful capital and go on your very own Wolfpack adventure. Yes, The Hangover Part II was filmed in Bangkok, and you can visit some of the films exact locations. You may not come across the same obstacles, but you can still see where much of the action took place.

Two spots worth visiting are Soi Phiphaysa 1, Bangkok’s bustling Chinatown and Sky Bar, the city’s highest drinking spot. Not only were these spots featured in the film, but they are also some of the city’s most recognised attractions.

Sky Fall, Fethiye, Turkey

James Bond has travelled all over the world, but during the film Sky Fall he set his sights on Turkey. In the 2012 hit film we see Bond relaxing in a shoreside shack on Fethiye’s stunning Calis Beach. The shack was only put up temporarily for filming purposes, but you can still visit the beach. Just under five kilometres long these far-stretching sands are worth a visit, even if it’s just to enjoy those stunning Aegean Sea views.

The Durrell’s, Corfu, Greece

This popular drama is not only appreciated for its storylines, but its striking scenery. Filmed partly around Corfu Town, adored by many for its wealth of greenery and pretty vineyards, you can’t mistake those sun-lit backdrops. Or, you can always stop by the beautiful Perama region where the show’s pink-painted villa was situated.

Ocean’s Eleven, Las Vegas, USA

Despite Las Vegas having its fair share of appearances on the big screen, one film that stands out is the 2001 hit Ocean’s Eleven. Mainly set in the Bellagio, you can always go and watch the fountains, just like that iconic closing scene. But don’t worry – you don’t have to rob a bank to do it. Other hotels used in the film include Caesars Palace and The Mirage.

Mamma Mia!, Skopelas and Skiathos, Greece

Is it just us or is there something uplifting about singing in picturesque surroundings? Yes, we’re talking about the hit musical Mamma Mia! and its Greek island backdrop. This all-singing-all-dancing spectacle was shot between the striking islands of Skopelas and Skiathos, and the best part is you can visit some of the exact locations including the quaint church where Sophie got married!

Benidorm, Benidorm, Spain

As a firm favourite with us Brits, there has never been a better reason to visit Benidorm, not only do you have sun, amazing entertainment and Blue Flag beaches, but it’s now part of a film set too.

Playing a starring role in the hit TV series Benidorm, this Spanish hotspot is more appealing than ever with its famed beach and well-known walkways. And if you want the full Benidorm experience, you can even join the cast with a stay at the The Sol Pelicanos Ocas hotel, where the gang are seen sunbathing by the pool.

Fast and Furious 6, Tenerife, Canary Islands

The Fast and Furious franchise has taken us to some exotic locations over the years, but did you know parts of Fast and Furious 6 were actually filmed in the popular resort of Tenerife? In fact, the Hollywood hit was set in the towns Guia de Isora, Adeje, Santiago del Teide, San Juan de la Rambla, Garachico, Icod and Buenavista. So, you could always hire a car and drive down the same roads that we saw Vin Diesel rocketing down.

The Godfather, Sicily, Italy

As one of the greatest Hollywood films of all time, it’s hardly surprising that people want to visit its real-life setting. So, if you’re a super fan we suggest you visit Sicily, and the resorts of Forza D’Agro and Savoca. What’s more, Savoca is home to the church where Michael and Apollonia tied the knot!

Can’t wait to re-act your favourite scenes then book your Hollywood-inspired holiday now.