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Window, Middle or Aisle – What Does Your seat Choice Say About You?

In a world where we like to have things planned in advance, make our own choices and know what’s coming, choosing your own seat on a plane is a no-brainer. The majority of people would rather choose their own seat than be randomly assigned a place on the day.

Choosing a seat means you can have some control over your flying experience, and it can really help if you’re a bit of a nervous flyer. Frustratingly, some airlines are getting rid of this option. But for the ones that still allow you to choose, it’s interesting to note that almost all passengers will have a seat preference. But what does your seat choice say about you? We have a few suggestions.

Window seat

If you’d rather sit in a window seat than anywhere else on the plane, you’re probably a big sightseer. You enjoy flying, or this might even be your first flight, and you want to experience the sensation of flying above the clouds. Heights don’t scare you, in fact, you’re a bit of a daredevil. Plus, there’s other benefits of being by the window – like somewhere to rest your head that isn’t a stranger’s shoulder.

If you’re hoping to sleep throughout the flight, this is the spot for you. You don’t need to move if anyone has to get up and use the bathroom and you get more privacy than any of the other seats.

If you want you can plug in some headphones, drift off to sleep and wake up when you arrive at your destination – there’s no need to communicate with the outside world. Introverts tend to like this spot for that reason, especially if you are flying alone and don’t know anyone else on the plane.

Lastly, if you enjoy sitting in the window seat you are more than likely an Instagram junkie. You love taking pictures of the clouds below you and finding that ideal filter to make your photos really pop. Not to mention, you’ve got the best spot in the house to take a plane selfie.

Aisle seat

It’s time to stretch out those legs and assert your authority in the power position. The aisle seat is all about control. You have the power to let people in and out to go the bathroom, and let’s be honest, you love being the director of the row. Plus, you can get up whenever you please. There’s also no need to ask permission from anyone, you can go to the bathroom every 10 minutes if you want. If you hate having to ask people to move, this is the spot for you.

You most definitely have more room in the aisle seat than anywhere else, as you can easily slide one of your legs in the aisle for more space. You’re also the first point of contact with the flight attendant, and if you’re in this seat, you’re more than likely ordering a few drinks to calm your nerves.

Nervous flyers tend to hog these seats as they have an easy escape route if they get travel sickness, or if they need to go to the toilet after drinking a few gin and tonics.

Middle seat

You’re a true martyr. Siting in the middle seat isn’t the ideal choice, and if you’re here it’s probably because you either forgot to book your seat in advance or you don’t mind being the piggy in the middle. You are definitely a social person and more than likely an extrovert.

Being in the middle means you can chat with people on either side, and also sneak a peak at what they’re watching on TV. Those who pick the middle seat are usually good at multitasking, so they can watch their own film while keeping tabs on the storyline playing out on their neighbour’s screen.

Hopefully you’re sitting with family or friends if you’re in the middle seat, otherwise it’s time to get cosy. Those sat in the middle seat should try not to be too worried about your personal space bubble being invaded.

This spot is best used for parents who want to keep an eye on their children and be able to help out when needed. You’re more than likely a mum or dad if you’re sitting here, which comes hand in hand with the multitasking skills we mentioned earlier.

If you’re not a parent and instead you’re sitting with friends, then let’s face it, you may be a bit of a push over. But you can also use this spot to your advantage. Make sure you take control of the arm seats quickly, giving you extra room and making your journey more enjoyable. Statistically, you have a higher chance of not having someone sit in front of you or behind you if the plane isn’t full. So those in the middle seat can lean all the way back in their chairs and not have to worry about someone doing the same to them.

Which seat on a plane do you prefer? Do you like it so much that you’d book it in advance? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.