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Will Your Jet Soon Have Interactive Windows?


It seems that Bladerunner’s vision of the future is getting closer day by day. When Deckard scanned in a snapshot and used his Esper machine to view it in minute detail, if only it could also have informed him of the replicant he discovered’s date of manufacture, interesting information and current whereabouts his job would be done.

A patent recently filed by aerospace design and manufacturing company Airbus promises to do nearly that. They propose to install interactive windows in future aeroplanes which mean that should you fly past a landmark such as the Eiffel Tower, for example, you will be able to find out such facts about it such as when it was built and why, with just a tap on the window, or even just by looking in its direction. The patent (which you can find here) suggests that a semi-transparent screen, which would be part of another transparent cabin window will be able to use touchscreen capabilities or eye-tracking cameras to determine what a passenger is interested in, and, recognising its shape pull up relevant information about it.

Airbus is also planning that the entire aeroplane will be revolutionary in other ways. Instead of the usual tiny cabin windows separated by large amounts of wall, Airbus believes it can make a cabin whose entire front end is transparent, with panoramic views stretching up to the ceiling. The glass can then be darkened as necessary for sleep or rest by cabin crew or individual passengers, and the structure would also allow for temperature control. Holographic pop up displays would also appear on these window-walls, as well as interactive gaming.

The traditional divisions of this airplane would be scrapped, meaning no more first class in the front and cattle class in the back. Instead, this plane would feature different zones: relaxation in the front, work in the back, and an opportunity to visit the bar in the middle, should you want to socialise. And you won’t have to worry about seat pitch any more: It promises much more space and legroom, too.

The design of this concept cabin is based on nature, with a structure that mimic bird bones, the company say.

If you can breeze through the airport and have this kind of flight waiting for you at the other end, flying should soon be a joy. No word on when this aircraft will be ready, but we hope it will be soon!