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Will You Buy into or Bow Out of the London 2012 Olympics?

As the time for hosting the London 2012 Olympics closes in rapidly, are you preparing to joyfully join in the sporting sensation or will you get out of town while the getting’s good?

Naturally, not everyone who ordered tickets to go and see their favourite Olympic events managed to get what they wanted. The combination of extremely high demand and the somewhat unpredictable system of ticket allocation means that only a relatively small proportion of people will get their first choices on the coming sporting extravaganza that’s rolling in to London town.

However, even for those who fail to get their first, second and even third choices on tickets to the Olympic events, there’s still the spectacle of the occasion itself as a draw to be in the capital as thousands of eager sports fans from around the world will congregate to see top-class athleticism in all its myriad forms.

So does the prospect of revelling in the Olympic atmosphere with a sea of new faces from around the world tempt you to consider taking a London city break next year? Or if you’re a Londoner will you be venturing out into town to soak up the sports?

Alternatively, do you see a jam-packed London crammed into the tube, bars and streets, making the whole place a bit too crowded to deal with? Are you tempted to jet off on holiday to somewhere a little quieter where sports are the last thing on your mind?

Here at Holiday Hypermarket we’ve had a quick poll and it’s about an even split! Half of us are raring to go, the other half are simply looking to go somewhere else! Unsurprisingly, Caribbean holidays featured quite highly on the staff picks of places to go and have a relaxing, non-exerting Olympics.