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Will Your Holiday Be Affected By The Spanish Air traffic strikes?

Spanish air traffic controllers have called another series of strikes. With many holidaymakers set to travel to Spain over the summer months these planned strike could impact Brits jetting off for some summer Spanish sun. The strikes are due to take place on weekends so those with mid week flights won’t be affected.

So why are the strikes happening?

The strike action is over a long-running dispute that dates back to 2010, due to the dismissal of an air traffic controller in Santiago de Compostela for his role in wildcat strikes of that year. The wildcat strike action came from when unionised workers decide to walkout without having the authorisation from the union – which has led to this current situation of the threat of further strike action from Spanish air traffic controllers.

So what does this mean?

Unfortunately holidaymakers that are due to travel when these strikes happen might be affected, which could cause some flights to be delayed. However, many airlines are well planned for strike action and are putting emergency plans in place to try and avoid delays and cancellations.

What we would recommend

Our best advice would be to double check with your airline or holiday company to make sure your flight hasn’t been cancelled.

Keep yourself up to date with information from your tour operator’s website.

And, as always, travel insurance is recommended. Don’t forget to read your policy to make sure the cover is right for you.