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Wi-Fi Is the Most-Desired Travel Amenity


Now we know which destination is the most popular in the world, and where Brits in particular like to stay, the next burning question is, what would you to prefer to come free with your hotel experience? Hot drinks for no charge in your room? How about getting your breakfast gratis? Or maybe you’d like an internet connection, for which you pay nothing at all?

It turns out that the nation chooses the last, with a survey of almost 5,000 respondents showing that over one-quarter of Britons (28%) voted for free in room Wi-Fi as their most preferred hotel perk, overtaking a free breakfast, which was last years’ favourite option. Only 16% said they would prefer a complimentary breakfast, 15% asked for free parking, and 13% asked for in-room tea and coffee facilities.

The study is global, and shows some interesting trends for British people as compared with the rest of the world. For example, while going without breakfast in order to save money on your hotel bill was not a popular option overall, with only 3% of the global response, in Britain the idea was much more popular, as a quite significant 15% said they’d prefer to skip it in order to make a saving. Perhaps they’re going out to try some local street food instead?

However, for those who did want breakfast apparently preferred a lighter option, with tea or coffee and fresh fruit being most popular globally, at 16% each, followed by meat at 12% and eggs at 12%, bread or toast at 8% and a good selection of juices, also at 8%.

And the healthy option also ruled when it came to in-room drinks, with 33 per cent of respondents globally saying they’d really like complimentary bottled water to be provided in the room. Added to that, 24% of over all respondents say that minibars “aren’t worth the hype” and 17% never use them.

The rise in personal mobile phones are clearly affecting the desire for a phone in the hotel, as worldwide people admit that a bathroom phone has to be the most unused item of technology provided, (22 per cent) and only 1% of people asked for a cordless phone when asked which simple amenity would improve the experience.

However, what they did most want was wired hotel rooms with a single remote control for multiple functions (22 per cent). They also thought that smart device docking stations would be a great addition to the room, with a desirability level of 15 percent.

Commenting on the results, a (who sponsored the study) spokeswoman said: “It is interesting to see how important technology is to hotel guests these days, and with society relying on email, messenger tools and websites to stay connected when abroad, it looks as if more traditional amenities such as the mini bar and room service are falling out of favour with guests.”