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Which Italian Dish Are You?

Nobody could say no to the sublime food of Italy. Pizza, pasta and gelato are the treats we all know best, but the more traditional and rustic aracini and ribollita also deserve a place on your plate. Food in Italy is a personal experience, so take our quiz to see just how well your personality matches up with the finest dishes Italy’s ever concocted.


House parties, picnics, children’s parties, beach nights and cosy nights in. You’re just like pizza because you’re always welcome everywhere, and perhaps more accurately, always make those who bring you in feel all the better for it. Sure, you can be a little cheesy at times, but once they get beyond your crust they’ll find nothing but goodness.


Cool and refreshing, yet versatile and timeless. Day or night, you’re ready and able to help people chill out. Some days it seems like people line up around the block to get just a taste of your brilliance, but whatever your flavour of the month, you’re the cat who’s got the cream, with good cause.


You’ve got layers, and those who’ve seen you up close and personal would say that each is more delicious than the last. You like to laze your holiday days away in bed or baking in the hot sun, yet one thing that can always be relied upon is that beneath it all, you’re just a little bit saucy.


Rich, sweet and moreish. That’s you to a tee, and as much as you like to splash out, you’ve got rustic roots and never forget where you came from. For all your pristine pale exterior, anyone who’s tried to bite off more than they can chew can attest that as much as you’re wholesome within, you’re also absolutely nuts.

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