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Which Caribbean Island Are You?

There is perhaps no island region in the world more famous than the Caribbean. A beloved holiday destination and once the springboard to the Americas in ages past, these islands mix history and culture with sunshine, good food and cool drinks aplenty. There’s an island to suit any kind of holiday style you might think of, and if you’re planning a holiday there, take our fun little quiz to see which island best suits your personality.


Fun, free-spirited, colourful and always welcome. You’re a vibrant personality whose hijinks are the stuff of legend. Jamaica’s freewheeling lifestyle appeals to you because you like to take each day as it comes, and you never sweat the small stuff. Your smile is as broad as any Jamaican’s best, and just as the island houses bustling Kingston and quieter beaches, you’re at home in the city and countryside alike.


Loud, proud and passionate, you’re just like Cuba because you like to make an entrance, yet never forget your roots. You know how to get as racy as the classic cars prowling Havana’s promenades and avenues, but you also know how to get into the kitchen for some home-cooked goodness and settling in with the family. Upbeat music seems to follow you wherever you go, making beach parties a given and natural rhythm a constant companion.

The Dominican Republic

You can do Latin flair and the like, but prefer things a little more low-key, just like life in the Dominican Republic. You’re good at sharing and enjoy life lived large, yet plentifully. Generous and warm, you’re the one people think of when they’re in a pinch, but also among the first to be invited to celebrations and gatherings.


Low-key and laid-back, yet still with plenty to offer, you’re the one many seek out especially when they want to see the quieter, more thoughtful side of life. There’s a rustic Old World charm about you, backed up with some keen modern thinking and a talent for seeing the bright side. People who see you see style as much as substance, and that’s why the classic chic of Aruba sums you up sublimely.

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