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When’s the Best Time for a Holiday to Thailand?

Thailand is one of those countries that sits pretty all year-round. Locals joke that Thailand really only has three seasons – hot, hotter and hottest. But this handy holiday guide isn’t just here to tell you when this country is warm and warmer.

Here, we bring you a little peek into when you’ll find the best times to party, when you can see Thailand’s biggest festival and when the waterfalls and beaches look best, which inevitably has a little something to do with the weather. You can thank us later.

Here are the best times in Thailand to…

Hit the beaches – January and February

With the dry season extending from November to April in Thailand, rain is at its absolute lowest in January and February, making this the best time of year to visit both the east and west coasts. Snorkelling and diving on the west coast are in their prime at this time as well.

These months may be Thailand’s coolest, but with average temperatures of 27°C to 29°C all year round, rarely dropping below 20°C, it never really gets cold. And nothing puts a damper on beach-born sunbathing stints more than scattered showers. Thailand’s best beaches are undoubtedly in Phuket, Krabi and its little islands scattered across the coast.

See waterfalls – June

June technically constitutes part of Thailand’s rainy season, but that’s what makes it the optimal time of year to see the hundreds of waterfalls sprinkled across the country. Without Thailand’s abundance of rainfall, there would be nothing flowing in the waterfalls!

That said, if you want to do some serious waterfall hunting – and we weren’t kidding when we said there are loads here – you’ll want to head this way towards the end of the rainy season. Just make sure to hire a guide to make sure you venture into this water-logged terrain safely.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the rainy season consists of short afternoon showers followed by glorious sunshine, just picture those rainbows framing the flowing water.

Party hard – Around the full moon

No, this isn’t a party for werewolves – this legendary shindig is known as the Full Moon Party, and is mostly attended by human tourists in the resort of Haad Rin on the island of Ko Pha Ngan.

It’s held every full moon, and lasts until sunrise the following morning. Essentially what you’ve got here is an all-night beach party packed with makeshift bars, and specialising in psychedelic trance, house and R&B music. Word to the wise, the 2018 schedule is already out.

Experience Thai culture – April

If you really want to live like the locals – and thus, celebrate as the Thai people do – you’d be wise to pop into this Asian country on or around 13th April. That’s when the incredibly popular Songkran Festival takes place, AKA the Thai New Year.

Common celebrations here include pouring water on Buddhist statues to wash away bad juju in preparation for the New Year, paying respect to elders by washing their hands, water fights in the streets and parades.

Soak up Bangkok’s city vibes – November to February

Don’t get us wrong, Thailand’s capital city is vibrant all year-round, but to have the most comfortable experience here, you’ll want to hit Bangkok at the end of winter, when temperatures are at their lowest and the climate is still dry.

Spring and early summer are particularly sweltering in Bangkok, which can make sightseeing around the city particularly trying, especially if you’re out on a motorbike. Plus, to visit temples, you’ll need to be wearing more clothes – sleeves and long shorts – than you’d probably like in this heat.

For the best weather and to beat the heat, get going early in the morning.

Hot, rainy, somewhere in between – when’s your favourite time to visit Thailand? Let us know in the comments below.