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When in Rome…

Italian police have gone undercover in a bid to crack down on unscrupulous Gladiators. A group of imposters have been posing as Gladiators and conning unsuspecting tourists out of money. They have been threatening and intimidating people into paying 50 Euros for the privilege of having their photos taken with them, and then harassing them if they won’t pay up.

Beware of Gladiators outside the Coliseum

Having your photo taken with a Gladiator is very popular in Rome and there are fully licensed Gladiators who would usually expect a 10 Euro tip for posing for photos, however these unscrupulous imposters are now finding themselves under scrutiny from the modern day law enforcers.

Police officers have also posed as Gladiators, bin men and the general public to trap the devious conmen and startled tourists watched in amazement last week outside the coliseum as fully clad Gladiators equipped with swords were wrestled to the ground by police.

However it appears that these Gladiators might get off lightly as the penalty in Rome for theft 2,000 years ago was death by crucifixion.