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When Hotels Fight Back

Many of us use social networking and travel review sites to find out what fellow travellers think about hotels before we book them. Some of us even write reviews on these sites when we return, whether our opinions are good or bad, we don’t hold back. Most people are quick to complain but not so quick to compliment and many of the reviews criticize staff, conditions, airlines, tour operators, food, resort facilities and so on, you name it and someone will complain about it.

Well now it’s the turn of the hotels to fight back. A website which allows hotels to comment on their guests and blacklist any they found unsuitable will be launched in the UK this week.

GuestScan will be a subscription based network with around 10,000 campsites, holiday letting agencies, B&B’s and small hotels expected to sign up. They will then be able to check if a guest is blacklisted before they take a booking.

Guests’ names will stay on the list for four years and they can be added for things such as being too noisy, breaking things, stealing from their accommodation and leaving without paying. Guests must be informed that they have been blacklisted and GuestScan will not be responsible for the consequences of malicious reporting, it is up to the individual accommodation to cover themselves against this.

Under the Data protection Act guests who are added to the blacklist will have the right to appeal.

The site has been welcomed by the English Association of Self Catering Operators and by the Bed and Breakfast Association.

So be warned, next time you are about to pinch the complimentary soap, dressing gowns or slippers, you could find yourself barred from many hotels and guest houses for a very long time.