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When Cost Takes Over The Romance Of Getting Married Abroad

According to a recent survey by luxury Caribbean hotel company Sandals Resorts, almost 50% of people who get married abroad, do so in order to avoid having to invite distant relatives and unwanted guests.

The survey, conducted amongst 2000 people showed that overall; weddings abroad are becoming just as popular as those at home, with 40% stating they would prefer to stay at home and 40% declaring they would rather marry abroad.

Out of those planning to marry within the next 12 months, 54% would marry at home and 46% abroad.

Weddings supervisor for Sandals UK stated, “We have seen a year on year increase in the number of weddings we’ve organised abroad this year for obvious reasons such as better weather; however, alleviating stress and avoiding family issues seem to be a common reason for our guests marrying abroad.”

She also went on to add that combining a wedding and honeymoon in one was often more cost effective than getting married in the UK.

The research confirmed that 28% of those marrying in the UK expected to pay in excess of £10,000 for their ceremony and honeymoon, whilst only 23% of those marrying abroad expected to pay this amount.

The main reason given though for people getting married abroad was, not surprisingly, the better weather, with 69% admitting this was the main reason for their choice. The romance of getting married in an exotic location was cited by 47% as swaying their decision, while 23% agreed that the lower cost was also a factor. 39% of those surveyed also took the fact that they could combine the ceremony and the honeymoon together as being an influential factor in tying the knot abroad.

The top destination also comes as no surprise as 23% said their perfect location would be in the Caribbean, 14% opted for Italy and 12% preferred the Maldives.

If you are planning on getting married and cannot agree on the guest list, then marrying abroad might be the perfect solution to your problem. Many travel agents that offer weddings abroad also provide the services of a planner, they will keep you informed on all the legalities and everything from where to find the best photographer to how to transport your wedding dress, taking all the stress away and making sure you enjoy the happiest day of your life.