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Your Easy Check List – Everything You Need to Pack for Thailand

Pack your bags, you’re heading to paradise! Thailand is a cultural wonder, as well as a beach sensation, with so many different adventures to be had, it can be hard to know what you need.

From checking out the grand temples to visiting the floating markets, the right attire is important. But thanks to us, you can go fully prepared with our guide on everything you need when heading on your jollies to Thailand.

A place of worship

The temples

The temples in Thailand are a holy place, where the Thai people flock to pay their respects to the Buddha. If you plan on visiting one of these grand places of worship, you need dress appropriately.

To be on the safe side you want to keep yourself as covered up as possible. Long shorts are acceptable providing your knees are completely covered, but any kind of trousers or jeans are a safer bet.

Ladies, you can wear a long dress but accessorise it with a long sleeved cardigan or light jacket before you enter the temple. You can alternatively wear leggings or jeans, just be sure to wear a top that covers your shoulders.

It’d be wise to wear a pair of slip on shoes too, as you’ll find yourself having to remove them before you enter certain places in Thailand. But most importantly, this is a great way to dive into the Thai culture and enhance your experience.

Island hopping toe-sinking beaches


If you plan on lapping up the sizzling sun of Southeast Asia on one of the finest beaches in the world, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re tan-topping on Phi Phi Island or taking a dip in the clear sea of Patong, you’ll be dressed to impress.

Thailand can reach highs of over 30°C, making that factor 50 essential for the perfect tan. And don’t forget your snorkel, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the underwater fun.

Trust us, the sealife here will have you mesmerised and that’s why a waterproof phone cover makes for the perfect beach accessory. Chances are you’ll be enjoying a day of relaxation, so keep your clothing loose, a good ol’ sarong and flip flops will be your best friend.

Head on exciting excursions


Adventure seekers, this one’s for you! Thailand has plenty of once-in-a-lifetime explorations from swimming with turtles to visiting the hot springs. Most of these excursions will take up your entire day, especially if you’re island hopping famous movie locations or biking in Koh Yao Noi.

Be travel savvy and pack comfortable light clothing, including hiking boots or trainers. You’ll also need some cash on hand in case you pass any quirky shops for souvenirs, that’s what makes a bumbag a great additional extra.

If you want to document the amazing time you’re having, a GoPro is a must! We recommend keeping a fresh bottle of water handy too.

Rooftop bars and beach parties


The excitement continues even when the sun goes down in Thailand. Whether it be sipping cocktails from the world’s tallest rooftop bar or checking out the famous Full Moon Party, your feet won’t stop moving.

You’ll find the dress code is smart casual on an evening, and with the climate remaining hot, it’s be wise to carry a portable fan and mosquito spray or bands.

Snapping away some Instagram-worthy pictures all day means your phone may need some extra life, and with the portable phone charger, you can continue to take photos of those panorama views. Don’t forget to bring your Thai Baht and treat that special someone to an authentic Thai meal too.

Fun travel accessories

fun extras

These helpful travel accessories will take your holiday to a whole new level, enhancing each excursion, adding excitement to your beach day and making your holiday more memorable.

Your pool day has never been more stylish when you’re lounging around on your funky inflatable, with your floating drink holders of course. And keep your Kindle close, there’s nothing like a gripping read under the sun.

Ready for food? Enjoy barbecues by the beach whilst blasting your favourite tunes through your waterproof speaker. If you didn’t bag many likes for your tasty meal, your Facebook notifications will go through the roof when you upload the snaps taken using your slide-on phone photo lenses.   

Now you’re good to go, download our checklist and starting packing for your Thailand escape.

Checklist for Thailand